Electric Zoo Festival 2011 Spotlight: John Dahlback

John Dahlback is a man who seems to encompass all the amazing elements of the house music scene. He is a fantastic solo producer, he is an avid gamer (first person shooters I believe…CS), he has a massive collaboration project called MyBack with Albin Meyers, and he runs his label ‘Mutants’. The man is doing it all. I remember the first time I heard his big tune ‘Pyramid’, my jaw was literally agape. His productions are so clean and big-room friendly, it is almost frightening. John consistently dishes out tracks with the most amazing percussion, and his synth riffs tend to follow a certain theme that is consistent with a given EP. For example, his tracks ‘Sfinx’ and ‘Kairo’ both have the same Egyptian-esque feel to them. Impressive stuff. Check out my personal favorite of his “Olympia’ below, and check him out Sunday on the main stage!

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