Electric Zoo Festival 2011 Spotlight: Rusko

The English dubstep producer Christopher Mercer aka Rusko broke into the scene back in 2006. After graduating from Leeds College of Music, Rusko took the dubstep world by storm with his fierce headbangin’ productions and all-out party performances. I have a vivid memory of trying to attend his performance at Ultra 2011 and not being able to  get in because his tent was overflowing with people. Rusko has a wide range of remixes from his take on ‘Pro Nails‘ to his edit on ‘Hide and Seek‘ by Imogen Heap. After releasing some all-star productions such as ‘Woo Boost‘ and ‘Everyday,’ Mercer’s newest tune was recently featured on Mistajam’s radio show called ‘Somebody to Love.’ The release date for this track is still not determined but you can find a rip of the song after the jump (read more). You can find Rusko at the MAIN STAGE (woop) on Friday, September 2nd.

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