Electric Zoo Festival 2012: What You Need to Know – Sunday: Sunday School Grove

The last guide! Sunday in the Sunday School Grove tent. Right off the bat, everyone should be intrigued. What started as the Sunday School for Degenerates in Miami during WMC has now become a regular installment/tent at Electric Zoo that is synonymous with the best names in underground music. Last year was truly outstanding, with titans like Loco Dice and Dubfire rounding out the bill. This year is no different, and in some ways perhaps better. There is a dichotomy of styles, with one side wielding Germany’s finest dance music export Boys Noize, bringing his infectious brand of maximal techno to the tent. His label mates Destructo, Strip Steve and Djedjotronic are along for the ride and will likely be playing some deep and groovy music to cater to the crowd. On the other side, we have the classic underground names like Innervisions label head Dixon (who was #8 in last years RA poll) and crowd-favorite Marco Carola, whose Music On night in Ibiza this season has been said to be one of the islands most successful residencies ever. Check out our other guides below, and read on to hear more about what you will hear on Sunday.

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Who You Can’t Miss

*Marco Carola- “An Italian techno God” according to Pete Tong, Marco is a pioneer of underground music, yet he has remained at the forefront of the scene for upwards of two decades. Having released tracks on Richie Hawtin’s Minus and Loco Dice’s Desolat to name but a few, Marco is literally unmissable at Electric Zoo this year. Why, you may ask? He rarely comes around the States, and he has the unbelievable ability to convert anyone to an absolute underground fiend. One set is honestly all you need. No amount of words or quality of writing can truly do this man justice. What he does with two decks and a mixer is at times beyond comprehension. Lets put it this way: 12 hour sets are the norm for Marco and he has a global fanbase comparable to Phish. Just watch THIS.

*Editors Note: I am biased and I literally think this man is the musical coming of Christ.

Marco Carola – Long Jump

[audio:http://www.electronicaoasis.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Long Jump.mp3|titles=Long Jump.mp3]

Better Lost Than Stupid – The holy triumvirate of techy music: Martin Buttrich, Davide Squillace, and Matthias Tanzmann. 3 legends that have individually cultivated their own sound and own record labels (Desolat, This & That, Moon Harbour), yet mesh about as well as any trio in dance music. There are few acts at this years Electric Zoo that will have as much energy and crowd control as these three. Seamlessly switching between each other at the decks and bobbing their heads, these Circo Loco regulars are also unmissable. At 2 PM, you would be ill-advised to be anywhere else.

Yooj – Mademoiselle (Martin Buttrich Remix)


Under The Radar Performer

Dixon- When someone like Dixon comes around, it is always a treat. He is the head of the wildly successful label Innervision along with Ame, doing A&R work and picking only music of the highest quality and integrity to release. He is also a profound DJ, having been an integral part part of the Berlin club circuit since the 90’s. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Dixon is his productions, which are absolutely unmatched. They are all works of art. Although not the most recognizable name in the States, he is commonly seen headlining main stages across European festivals, and almost always playing peak-time hours. In order to truly grasp what Dixon is all about, a full mix is necessary. Take a listen to his set from Boiler Room HERE and if your not musically enlightened and refreshed, then you probably didn’t get through the whole thing.

Agoria feat. Scalde – Singing (Dixon Dub)


Who You Can Pass On

No one. Hang out in the Sunday School Grove all day. Challenge your ears. Test your music taste.  Some of these guys don’t come around that often, as opposed to a Skrillex or Tiesto. You might end up taking away more from the music in this tent than any uninspired college class. Listen to Umek play his brand of outrageous Slovenian techno at 130 BPM. Hear Dixon play the spaciest, most intellectual music you have ever heard. Try and figure out what Boys Noize is doing when he DJs…he is likely the most technical DJ you will ever come across. And perhaps most importantly, turn your phone off during Marco Carola’s set…Just stand in the middle of that tent and observe the vibe and how people react to his build ups and drops...It is tenfold more impressive than anything you will see or hear at an Avicii show, and thats a fact.


What We Want to Hear

Boys Noize & Erol Alkan – Lemonade

Marco Carola – Bloody Cash
[audio:http://www.electronicaoasis.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Bloody Cash.mp3|titles=Bloody Cash..mp3]


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