Electric Zoo Festival 2012: What You Need to Know – Saturday: Sunday School Grove

With Electric Zoo around the corner, the time has come for everyone to mentally AND physically prepare for the three day dance music escapade that they are about to embark on. Electric Zoo is widely known for their variety in electronic music that Made Event has to offer, and if you are looking to get your tech fix – Sunday School Grove is where you are destined to dance for the weekend. At first glance, it is clearly a massive line up for one tent as we are fortunate enough to have a great mixture of dark minimal tech as well as some tasteful, groovy house. Household DJs such as Sasha, Chris Liebing, Paco Osuna, and Claude VonStroke as well as upcoming talent such as the lovely Maya Jane Coles is a gift from the dance music heavens.

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Saturday: Main Stage
Saturday: Hilltop Arena

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Who You Can’t Miss

Sasha – Chosen as one of the headliners for all the right reasons, whenever this man is in town – he is a MUST SEE. Not only does Sasha have a great history with NYC being that he had a residency at the memorable Twilo with the legendary, John Digweed, but every time he has graced us with his presence it has been a time that every one remembers. Having a relaxing signature sound that is said to be a mixture of progressive/trance and house, Sasha is certain to shock newcomers. Being able to interpret the vibe of a crowd perfectly, he puts on a show that you will always talk about whether it be the next day amongst your friends or telling your grand children. Made Event planned the line up so that the subtle bass lines and grooves provided are the perfect way to ease you into the end of the dark festivities.

Sasha vs Adam Parker – Highlife (Sasha invol2ver remix)

Chris Liebing – Looking for an abundance of heavy bass lines and drums? Well, Chris Liebing has all that and more. Liebing has found his knack for darkness and has done a spectacular job of embracing it, as well as morphing the genre of techno into his own trademark. With the help of his original schranz sound, the combination of the two has helped Liebing cultivate it into a signature sound adopted by his label CLR. His sets are especially original for he tends to strip down other producer’s tracks and revamp them into his own style right on the spot, making the listener go into complete shock when he/she hears the new edit of a favorite track. Once your mind has been blown by this techno viking, your initiation into the dark side has been complete!

Jerome Sydenham & Function – Two Ninety One (Chris Liebing Remix)

Under The Radar Performer

Maya Jane Coles- It is a known thing in the tech world that female disc jockeys are continuously killing it and since her blow up in 2010, UK’s Maya Jane Coles has constantly been reminding fans of her talent/skill – whether it is under her dubstep moniker, Nocturnal Sunshine, or as Coles. MJC has a way of reading the crowd and with the use of groovy beats meshed up with a mild darkness to her unique sound, it is visible as to why she is up and coming. Whether she is mixing a compilation for MixMag or producing her own tracks for Real Tone or Dogmatik, it is guaranteed that she will set the perfect tone for the rest of the day. As well as possibly showcasing the most mesmerizing set of the whole weekend. Her consistency shows thoroughly through any of her live perfomances or mixes like her almightly 2011 RA Podcast or Essential mix. Keep an eye out on this young lady as she is ready to take the dance music world into her own hands.

Maceo Plex – Your Style (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

Who You Can Pass On

Sleepy & Boo- It should be blatantly obvious as to why this duo can be easily missed and that is because they are NYC resident DJ’s that are constantly spinning somewhere close by. It’s not that these two aren’t talented, but when do you really have the chance to see any of the other artists listed on an island? When it comes to festivals, you should pick who you want to see by choosing artists that are rarely in your area. Sleepy & Boo are constantly showcasing their talent whether if it’s at District 36, Cielo, or opening up for Pleasurekraft at Governor’s Island – you have numerous possibilities of seeing these two kill it at a more intimate setting anyways!

What We Want to Hear

Maya Jane Coles – Getting Freaky (Original Mix)

Tony Thomas – Beginnings (Gary Beck Remix)

Clockwork (C/W) – It’s You Again (Lee Foss & Robert James In The Art Department Mix) 

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