Electric Zoo Festival 2011 Spotlight: Benny Benassi

Typically I wouldn’t throw such a profound artist into a spotlight article for an EDM festival (1. because the man is one of the biggest names in the industry and 2. I like to expose fans to the vast array of artists in the electronic music scene), BUT I love what this guy has done over the years and admire his ability to change as time progresses. I distinctly remember walking into Ultra 2011 this year and witnessing Benassi drop ‘House Music’ which made the place erupt (witness it here). It’s simple to list the accolades that this ‘aged Milan’ (thank you Justin) has acquired over the years, but I’m personally more impressed with the progression of his music and live DJ sets over such a sustained period of time. More recently he has put out tracks such as ‘Electroman,’ ‘Beautiful People,’ and a remix haven track, ‘Cinema.’ You can catch Benny Benassi live at the Main Stage on Friday starting at 6:05 PM.

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