EO Heads To Marquee in Vegas for Kaskade’s ‘Summer Lovin’


This weekend, we will be heading out to Vegas to get away from real life for a few days and to enjoy some of the best producers in dance music at our favorite venue Marquee. On Saturday , we will be at Marquee Dayclub for Ferry Corsten and then the nightclub for Kaskade’s ‘Summer Lovin’ residency. This is going to be one hell of a day for us, enjoying one of the best scenes in Dance music today.

At 22,000 square feet, Marquee Dayclub has inviting sun beds, a gaming area, two pools, cabanas with individual infinity pools and exclusive three-story bungalows with living quarters and an open air party deck. Patrons are fueled by a daytime food menu and thirst quenching cocktails. We get the privalege to see Ferry Corsten, one of the finest acts in Trance today, setting the stone for many up and coming artists. He is a perfect act you want to have at a pool party, with tracks such as ‘Diss!’ and ‘Black Light’. In recent years, he has made a little bit of a transition to Electro along with Trance, making his set a must see in Vegas this weekend.

With Kaskade’s ‘Summer Lovin’ residency , guests will travel back in time with the electronic music DJ as the venue transforms into a 1970’s party. The past will meet the present as venue-wide custom décor brings the iconic disco fever back to life, along with the best EDM has to offer. The production will feature two diverse shows, both set by a soundtrack of Kaskade’s dynamic sounds. By day, the poolside revelry at Marquee Dayclub will mirror a classic 70’s workout scene, complete with neon exercise gear, sweat bands and knit leg warmers. By night, Marquee Nightclub will transform into a disco-themed dance party with bell bottoms and big hair throughout the club. This is something original and different, which seems to be lacking in today’s EDM events.

Heading to Marquee Nightclub , we really hope to hear some of Kaskade’s older tracks such as ‘4 A.M’ , ‘Raining’, and ‘I Remember’, which will really make the night an epic one. Kaskade has cemented himself as one of the go to acts in Dance music for a number of reasons. He doesn’t drink during his sets, and crafts a unique style for the venue he is playing. He can hit you with old school emotional tracks, or some of his mash-ups for a throw your hands up get crazy type of vibe. If you are in Vegas , make sure you hit us up!

Upcoming Summer Lovin’ Dates –
June 21, June 22 (EDC week, both Dayclub)
July 5 (Nightclub)
July 12 (Nightclub)

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