EVENT: Diplo @ Circle Club

I know we don’t have to tell you who Diplo is. Our older family members know who Diplo is. And you all know someone who’s has a picture twerkin’ and expressing themselves. He’s made music with everyone from Tiesto to random dancehall artists and leaves a trail of sweaty bodies and shaked out booties wherever he goes. DJ GQ is a party starter and studio monster and you already know he produces songs for the biggest names in pop music in between turning nightclubs into hedonistic, free-for-alls, and making documentaries about the favelas in Rio. Last time he was in the city to put on a big show was his Trap Hawk Down which got weird at the Westway with a post 4am banger.

This time he’s touching down at The Circle. Just off Bryant Park The Circle has been around for a while but recently revealed its newest version of itself and it looks like they’re doing everything they can to bring high class raving to midtown Manhattan. The club has a booming sound system and a straight up incredible lighting system and we’re excited to see how Diplo uses what The Circle offers to get hands on the ground and their feet up against the DJ booth. If you want to see the Lord of Mad Decent, Godfather of Major Lazer and dude making tracks with Miley Cyrus and Snoop Lion get funky then you need to click here. The show is this Thursday the 11th so hurry up before you miss your chance.

Check out The Circle club on the web, Facebook, Twitter, and their Youtube channel.

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