EVENT: Gareth Emery & Michael Woods @ Goverors Beach Club 7.06

The weather has really started to heat up, and as if on cue, RPM has announced and put tickets on sale for, yet another awesome show at, you guessed it, Governors Beach Club on Governors Island. Ravers talk, and in the last two years a lot of summer talk has focused on Governors Island. With amazing events from RPM, and the crew at Made, their summer schedule reads like who’s who of electronic music. The ascendancy of this venue continues, because they just added Gareth Emery and Michael Woods to their already incredible lineup for the 4th of July weekend.

Gareth Emery returns to The City That Never Sleeps fresh off an awesome performance on the main stage of EDC NYC, while Woods has taken a bit of a New York City hiatus. Yet both have done a great job of maintaining their reputation as elite DJ/producers in the electronic music community. Woods has already released two tracks this year, Black Thong, with Chris Lake, and Platinum Chains. Emery hasn’t been shy about getting in the studio either. In his recent sets he has been playing what sounds like a HUGE track with Krewella called Lights & Thunder, and he has plans to release an album this year.

This magical night takes place on Saturday, July 6, and like most Governors Beach Club events it begins at 4pm and ends at midnight. Tickets went on sale yesterday at 1pm, and they’re moving fast, so make sure you buy yours soon before they’re all out. If you really want to feel the spray of the East River that weekend, RPM is selling a four-day pass for all of their events for only $100. Not a typo or misprint, RPM is letting you treat yourself to four days of amazing music on an island while still being in the greatest city in the world, so grab your flags, and celebrate our country’s independence by dancing.

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