EVENT: HEAT Launches At Lilium 5/16 Promising Unpretentious Beats

Have you gotten to the point where you wish that you could groove without the crippling fear that that 14 year old with a fake id, American Apparel gift card and daddy issues wouldn’t
whack you in the face with a glow stick? Or that lame lacrosse player who lived down the hall freshman year wasn’t going to invite you to his table?

Have no fear…HEAT is here to usher in the next wave of electronic music – bringing a eclectic mix of electronic, nu-disco, and house beats to the cool kids of New York. Event details are here, but the dance party starts at 11 PM, Wednesday, May 16 at Lilium (201 Park Avenue South), the new lounge under the W in Union Square.

The Wilkes Agency and Gage Cass are partnering to bring Luka Son of Wolf, supported by weekly special guest to Lilium every Wednesday – where the music will always be fresh.

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