EVENT: Knife Party at Pacha NYC 3.15

Knife Party at Pacha 3.15
Knife Party‘ represent the best kept open secret in all of EDM. For anyone who doesn’t know, Knife Party is in fact made-up of ex-‘Pendulum‘ members Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen. After reaching the top of the Drum and Bass genre, the duo put Pendulum on indefinite hiatus in order to form Knife Party.

That being said, Knife Party have proven that they have talent regardless of the genre. After two successful EP’s ‘100% No Modern Talking‘ and ‘Rage Valley‘, the duo purportedly have a third EP ready for release later this month.

The duo will be playing Pacha this Friday night (3/15) and tickets are nearly sold out. So make sure you grab your tickets before the duo heads out to Miami for a Saturday night appearance at ‘Ultra‘.

Tickets can be bought here.

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