EVENT: Luka Son Of Wolf @ Lilium

Summer’s unofficially here, so that means summer’s officially here! With that, countless uber-trendy weekday events shall be popping up all over New York City. The first one on your radar should be tomorrow at Lilium with Luka Son Of Wolf.

We discovered Luka earlier this year and were quite delighted with his taste. It’s hard enough to find someone who enjoys indie dance/nu-disco, let alone someone that will play it live in NYC. Luka is that guy.

Along with Luka will be Mr. JPatt of The Knocks and Cristallino. Not your usual, sweaty hands up club night, but a celebration of underground dance.

Interview with Luka, fresh from the Dominican Republic, after the jump!

ElectronicOasis.com friend and confidante Stevie Benanty caught up with Luka to chat about his spring in the Dominican Republic, his summer in the city and the underground. You can follow her on Twitter @stephbenanty. She doesn’t bite. And while you’re there, tag along @LukaSonOfWolf. Hes got stuff to say too.

Stevie: I’m sensing you have a nice tan right now. Is it because you’ve been in the Dominican Republic a lot lately? Are you there now?

Luka: [Laughs] I’m here in NYC now but spent all of March in the Dominican Republic DJing. I work with a new music blog based out of Santo Domingo, do some booking and DJ down there.

Stevie: How did you get involved with it in the first place? The DR isn’t exactly in NY’s backyard last time I checked.

Luka: True! A Dominican college/friend of my brother’s heard me play at a club in NYC and recommended me to go down there.

Stevie: What’s the party scene like over there?

Luka: The scene [in the DR] is totally different than here. Like any third world country there are a few wealthy people, and a lot of poor people. The scene that likes new indie music are the rich kids so the bars are trendy and everyone gets really dressed up to go out, but they really know how to have a good time so there is a similar vibe in some cases. And there is definitely bottle service. In the Dominican, everyone, when they are chilling, just grabs a bottle of rum and a bottle of coke and some ice and a few plastic cups and just posts up, wherever they feel like. Anywhere. But in the club, it’s much more formal, like the clubs here.

Stevie: Well I just figured out my next spring break destination! You are known as quite the DJ back here in NYC. What parties are your favorite?

Luka: Well thanks! I love paying at the Blind Barber. Saturday nights there are some of my favorites for sure! I’m actually starting a new party I’m really excited about. It’s at Lilium [at the W Hotel in NYC]. The party is called HEAT and is focused on underground, electronic dance music. We will have rotating DJs and special guests highlighting different styles. Also, the sound system at Lilium is AMAZING! This is gonna be good for sure!

Stevie: How’d you get involved in bringing back underground electronic music to NYC?

Luka: Well, it never left. I just love it. I think it’s where the future of electronic music is. Big house and brostep are uninteresting to me. Not all of it, but most of it. I am really into deep house and disco and I want to share that with people who maybe don’t know that much about it.

Stevie: Ah! A fellow deep house lover, we must stand united! What are you looking forward to for the summer? Your new party or back to the DR?

Luka: I love the summer in NYC. Like a lot! The vibes are great, the sun on my face. My new party is certainly something I am super excited about as well. It will be a platform for a very interesting time in music. However, I do miss the Island (the DR). I have a life down there and I miss it too! But I’m back and forth enough so I think I’ll be ok though,…

Stevie: You’re making me very jealous as I sit in my tiny office! Sounds like you have a lot on your plate and we’ll be sure to be at HEAT on May 30th!

Luka: Yes, please do! It’s gonna be fun! That boom boom!

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