EVENTS – Avicii @ Glo

Tim Berg Avicii will be spinning at Glo tonight, in Westbury, Long Island. The 22-year-old wunderkind has had a stellar year. You don’t need a recap, because you probably can recite all of his 2011 accomplishments verbatim.

I’m curious to see how his live set will go, though. He is, remarkably, someone I’ve yet to experience live. I’ve heard mixed reviews. A big gripe I hear is that he uses similar sets night after night (something many high end DJ’s are guilty of.)

His July event on Governors Island, I’m told, was one of his best. Audio evidence shows a three hour set differed from what he usually plays. I’m hoping for one of those.

Nevertheless, it will be great to see one of the premiere DJ’s spin a half hour from my house. Come find me. Chances are, I’ll be dancing on sofas, tables and other places you’re not supposed to.

Not going or can’t wait till tonight? Keep busy by stepping inside the studio with Aveech.

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