EVENTS: Sasha + M.A.N.D.Y on Thanksgiving Eve (11.23.11)

Would you rather party at a crowded local bar and be shamelessly forced to interact with people you probably don’t want to see, or hear the pioneer of progressive trance and house play a set at an intimate venue. This Thanksgiving Eve, Mad Not Mad brings SASHA to Slate in NYC, along with New York favorite Dani Lehman, and Philipp Jung of legendary German electrohouse duo M.A.N.D.Y. This is not to be missed.

For those who are unfamiliar, Sasha was instrumental in shaping the house sound that you are familiar with today. He has been voted among the top 10 DJs in the world every year since 1997 by DJ Mag, and placed #1 in 2000. I can write pages about how influential this guy is, and how remarkable this set will be, but I’ll spare you. The show is brought to you by Mad Not Mad, a promotional group that is dedicated to providing a better club experience than you are used to. The parties are invite only, no dress code, no bottle service, and equipped with the best sound and lighting possible. Click ‘Read More’ to learn more about Mad Not Mad and what the Masters Series entails.

In the meantime, apply to buy tickets HERE, and listen to an awesome set from Sasha below!

Sasha @ Panorama Bar (08/2011)


1)       We are very professional and  responsive to everyone we deal with. We respond to artists and agents as quickly as we respond to any who emails us enquiring about tickets. All emails and enquiries are dealt with immediately.

2)       Open, Bold, Honest, Clear.  We try to communicate everything we do to our base in the clearest way possible. We only contact them when we have something interesting to say and we don’t ever take ourselves too seriously. Mad Not Mad’s humor is self-deprecating and dry After all – we are in the business of throwing parties so making people laugh when we can is something we feel is important and very much part of our DNA.

3)       We work with brands so that we can throw better parties


Mad Not Mad was born out of my own frustration with clubbing in NYC. There are too many average nights out in this city, the scene is in a rut and everyone seems to have just accepted it. Bottle service has ruined the big clubs, dress codes are for Catholic Convent Schools and strict door policies upset people before they have even entered the club!  Mad Not Mad started as a passion project to try to bring change, do things better, treat people better and give both the DJ’s and the fans the kinds of nights we used to enjoy 15 years ago.


The Mad Not Mad Master Series is a  monthly event that takes place at different locations around NYC. Each month we invite the best credible DJ talent from around the world to play at “Neutral” venue. Clubs in NYC have too many legacy issues and we don’t want to be associated with other people parties or crowds.


Fantastic Venues – Fantastic People – Fantastic DJ’s


The Masters series format is as follows:


1)       Invite only – we use social media tools to moderate (by hand) each application for tickets. We take many things into consideration but the main goal is ensure fans of the DJ’s get priority and that friends and friends of friends get tickets. This is an exclusive party on in so far as if you’re “good people” you’ll find it easy to get tickets!

2)       No dress code, no bottle service, no door bullys. These are the things that have killed clubbing in NYC. We have turned down venues because they wanted to force us to sell bottles. NO WAY. If you come to out party and you want to buy a bottle then sure – you can do so. But it’s not a requirement to get in and not something we promote. All our parties focus on giving people plenty of places to sit, chat and relax…in between setting fire to the dance floor

3)       First Class Production. We nitpick over every aspect of production. We strive for the best sound, lighting and visuals that can be achieved at every party. We try to create parties that DJ’s want to play at

4)       Brand Fans – Only by working with brands can we make these events possible. We are always looking for the right brands to partner with around events. Brand sponsorship done right is an asset for everyone.


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    This is gonna be amazing

  • November 13, 2011


    yea i think so too. i’ll be there!

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