Ewisacwis User Agreement

16 ePASS New requests If a new request is processed via ePASS: ePASS automatically links the eWiSACWIS app to the user`s WAMS account via an ichain community link. Automatic electronic notifications are sent to:  The worker  The worker`s eWiSACWIS supervisor  The safety representative who sends the request 27 safety curiosities and treats The word {Manager) appears on the list of workers next to the job class when the “Mgmt” control box is activated. This control box is necessary to be able to perform assignments and the user also has monitoring rights for reception requests. The job class must have a national reporting group (invisible to most users) from Intake Supervisor or Initial Assessment Supervisor to display the Expando “All Access Reports”. 28 other little-known facts. Control Boxes in a User`s Security Group: Adoption Assistance Beneficiaries Creation/Care Care Care Care Home Creation/Care Private Providers ICPC Link Provider Adoption Case / Person in Search View All Service Types View All Service Types View Features / Medical Mental Health View Limited Cases 5 ePASS Verification/Reminders In no case, a user ID and password should not be shared with anyone. Don`t forget to register and check ePASS after you apply. Sometimes a request is referred to your “Que” for further clarification. Check the comments area of the ePASS requirement. Changes to the job name, email address and job class are not part of ePASS, which is concluded in eWiSACWIS by the supervisor. WAMS changes are made autonomously by the worker. 9 ePASS Summary New requests `New` Requirement criteria worker registration created and `active` worker registration contains email address the WAMS account was concluded by the user Worker read and signed the eWiSACWIS user agreement. 20 Click “Worker” / Delete Click on the worker`s name Enter the effective date of the deletion of a request SAVE NOTE: If the Worker account could not be disabled, you must remove the user`s access by following the deletion process in ePASS by selecting the “active” workers option and then deleting it.

29 Concluding questions? Discussion? Thank you for coming! 19 Delete criteria The worker`s eWiSACWIS account is set to “inactive” Worker has always linked WAMS to the work account. ePASS Overview Deletion requests Updating your profile. .

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