Exclusive Interview: Artist to Watch in 2014 – Matt Fax

Electronica Oasis got the chance to ask Matt Fax some key questions about his career , his age, his idols and many more. The 17 year old producer discovered by Jaytech is already signed to Armada, Anjunabeats, and Enhanced, not a bad resume. He is regularly featured on A & B Group Therapy and has even had a guest mix on there. He is considered one of our breakthrough artists of 2014 and soon you will know why. Check out the interview after the jump P.S – Enjoy Matt’s accent!

EO: You are signed to Armada, Anjunabeats , and Enhanced Music. Wow. Those are some well respected labels, how did they find you?
Matt Fax: It’s very amazing because each label as it’s story. I been signed to Armada because The Blizzard gave away the stems for “Piercing the Fog”. At first, I wanted to do the remix only for me and friends, and it ended up that the Blizzard loved it and sent it to Armada, that loved it too. From there, we discussed about a release and it happened. For Anjunabeats, all came from my mate Jaytech that introduced me to the Anjuna team, and asked me to remix is single “Labour of Love”. From there, a great friendship between me, Jimbo and Anjunabeats started and I hope to be part of more projects involved with them. Finally for Enhanced, all began when Colorize, a sub-label of Enhanced, started to appreciate my stuff and asked me at first a remix, that were never released for some reasons. Few weeks after that, I sent them “Late Night” and we discussed about a release, then I did “Broadway” and everything came along nicely. Now I can say I’m pretty close to Enhanced and Anjunabeats, and they are my favorite labels at the moment.

EO: You are only 17 years old, at what age did you find the love for Trance and Electronic Music?
Matt Fax: My love for electronic music in general started when I was a little kid, maybe around 8 or 9 years old, when I discovered Tiesto. When I started listening to his music and DJ sets, I really wanted to be like him, music became a passion. At first I was only DJing on my computer, then the music production side came after, when I heard about Joachim Garraud, one of the ex-producer of the well know David Guetta. He been influencing me about doing music, and that’s where all began. At first, it was just for fun, for full my free-time, but then I really called in love with music and I wanted it to be my job, so I worked and worked all days beside school. It took me time before knowing how to use Ableton and all that, and even today I’m still learning things.

EO: Are you still in school? Do you plan on attending college if you see Producing becoming a full time job?
Matt Fax: I stopped school for some reasons, and also for having more time to make music. I started to perfect my tracks as much as possible, so instead of spending 3 hours on the, I can spend around 2 weeks for each of them, depends on my inspiration. I try to keep myself busy, so music looks like my job, and my manager is my boss. I actually work on some exciting projects that takes me time, so I’m glad to have stopped school so I have full time for doing music, otherwise I’d had to stop music, which is impossible for me.

EO: Since you can’t really drink and hit the club scene yet :), what do you like to do?
Matt Fax: Keep making music in my bedroom and wait until i get the legal age to play in clubs. that said, I already receive booking request from same promoters, but the thing that I’m young makes problems and most of time I don’t hear about them again. One year to wait again, it will go fast..

EO: Name the artist you look up to the most, and one you would like to work with.
Matt Fax: Hum I got some many names, but my choice is Soundprank. He’s a big inspiration for me lately, I try to analyze every song of him to get a proper sound like he has in his tracks. This is one of the producers I’d love to work with, I got the chance to speak a bit with him and he really know music producing like he did it for years, he’s a pure genius in music producing and engineering.

EO: First thing that comes to mind when you hear ‘Armin’.
Matt Fax: The first thing that comes to mind is Armin van Buuren of course, don’t know other Armins in the music industry. I never really liked his sound, but I remember his Imagine album back in 2008 when I was listening Trance a lot, and I quite liked this one, but it stopped here. I don’t really like Trance music anymore as it begin to be a complete mess with the actually club sound in almost every tracks. Fortunately producers like Simon Patterson, Driftmoon, Falcon, and some more Trance producers are still saving that old school sound I used to love.

EO: Do you follow all the EDM blogs?
Matt Fax: Not that much. I must admit I only read the blog spots about my releases, or sometimes when they post a friend’s release. I think I should start to read more EDM blog posts, I’m sure I could find more great tracks out there, Beatport isn’t enough for me.

What can we expect from you in 2014?
Matt Fax: A lot of things ! I’m a bit quiet now, as I think my fans are used to get 5 post on Facebook per month about my release, but i’m now sleeping. I got a new EP coming soon on Colorize, with two tracks I already previewed in my DJ sets, it should be released in March or April. I got remixes coming on Intricate, Arrival and Silk. I try to make things slower but better. I also work with a heavy supporter of my stuff, and one of my best friend on a track. he’s currently making his next album so we got chance it will appear on it, who knows, let’s hope ! I also work on some projects for some big labels I never been affiliated with before, it’s pretty exciting and scary at the same time. Well, not so much activity for me, but as I said, I make things slower to make them better. Let’s hope it’ll work.

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