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EDX has proved time and time again that he can do no wrong in any genre of electronic music over the course of his 10 year career. Recently, he has just wrapped up a North American tour and has been reaping the benefits of his unwavering artistic integrity with his productions like “Reckless Ardor,” his “Miami Sunset” remix of Avicii’s “Wake Me Up,” and his latest single, “Cool You Off,” that have seen Beatport chart success, as well as support from DJs and fans alike. We recently got the opportunity to ask him some questions. Have a read!

Electronica Oasis: You have a very unique, yet distinguished sound to your music. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Music production is something very interesting. You travel the world and often times you just sit outside in a coffee shop and you hear a new sound, you talk to someone new, you hear something on the radio. What I am really doing is collecting all these different sounds that can all be blended together to make something new. It’s when you get into the studio where you can use all these new sounds and put them into a song. With all my different experiences, it helps come together to make that unique EDX sound possible.

EO: From all the instruments you were able to play from such a young age, were you ever a part of a band of any sort?

EDX: I was playing the strings for 7-8 years, but then focused only on keys when I was little older. Of course I was a member of a band during my time playing Hip Hop, but that was about 25 years ago.

EO: We noticed that you’ve been experimenting with deep house on singles like “Reckless Ardor,” “Cool You Off,” and the forthcoming “Breathin’.” What prompted you to do this? Are you planning on experimenting further with other genres?

EDX: Well, since day one, I have always tried to evolve my EDX signature sound. Last year I felt like there was a lot of over-saturation with the so called “EDM sound” and very hard drops, so I just decided to try to sound different. This was very easy for me to do and it helped me return back to my original EDX sound that people know me for. Once I decided to do this, I released “Hazed” (more than one year ago) on PinkStar, then my remix of Calvin Harris’ “Thinking About You”, and finally my remix of Cazzette’s “Weapon”(which will be released very soon). After, I created the tracks that you mentioned by deciding to slow down my music, trying to make it more sexy, and modern. It feels great to be able to be an artist who still has his creative freedom without too much pressure from the fans. This is a true blessing.

EO: On the “Breathin’” Protocol Radio exclusive, Nicky Romero noted that you didn’t give into the big-room “EDM” sounds, and stayed with the melodic and soulful style of your own. Tell us why you felt that this was an important thing to do.

EDX: I try just to do what I like and what I love. “Breathin’” is exactly the sound I fell in love with many years ago. It has that EDX vibe I try to protect and always keep alive. It is great to see all the love from my DJ friends and the overwhelming positive feedback and appreciation from my supportive fans!

EO: What was your favorite stop of your North American tour? Why?

EDX: I played so many shows in the past couple months that it is so hard to pick! If I had to choose one, I would pick my show in Minneapolis two weeks ago. It was a more intimate and smaller show, which showed me that the Midwest knows how to rage to quality house music.

EO: Are there any key differences from touring the US vs. other countries? Do you tend to play different style sets depending on the country? Or just the vibe of the specific club?

EDX: No matter what I always stick to my music and what I feel is right to play. Of course there are still some smaller tweaks that I make between the different cities and countries. I would definitely say that my set in Ibiza was very different than my set at Marquee Nightclub in Las Vegas. Also, festivals with a shorter play time are altered a lot as well. At the end of the day, I feel that electronic music is a music genre that is welcomed all over the world because it has a strong connection with music lovers.

EO: Since your style is so varied, how do you decide which will be the primary style for each set?

EDX: I go with the flow of a night and the peoples’ vibe. I do not really plan ahead what I am going to play. Most of the time I get into the venue only 20 minutes before my show and about five minutes before I go on, I decide which songs will be my first 2-3 tracks of my set.

EO: We saw that you have some No Xcuses nights coming up, and the first one is at TAO Las Vegas during EDC Weekend. What can fans expect from these special nights?

EDX: I’m trying to give to the clubbing audience a special experience, from music to decoration, but also unique performances. I started about three years ago with NoXcuses and it is great to see that it has received so much love everywhere. After Tao we will perform shows at Webster Hall in NY and some shows in Europe over the summer. At the end of the day, all that matters to me are smiling faces and happy people getting together to dance and enjoy music for a night. Thats my main focus on my tours.

EO: What’s next for EDX?

EDX: I have so much music in store for you. “Cool You Off” will be released worldwide in July and there will also be a bonus music clip. In June there my remix for Cazzette’s “Weapon” will be out on PRMD and my release “Breathin’” on Spinnin Deep. Then I will release my remix for Cash Cash’s “Lightning” later in the summer and I have a new Deep Progressive release on Enormous Tunes. Don’t forget to listen to my latest release, “Air for Life”!

EO: “Cool You Off” is our jam right now, been on repeat since we first listened! Thanks for the interview!!

Also, check out EDX’s latest single, “Air For Life” below! If you’re out in Vegas for Electric Daisy Carnival make sure to check the EDX’s #NoXcuses Summer 2014 tour that begins at TAO Nightclub. (Tickets here!)

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