EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Electric Daisy Carnival NY 2012 – Borgore

There are interviews, and then there are interviews. Our chat with Israeli producer Borgore certainly fell into the latter category. Known for creating gorestep, aka his filthy interpretation of dubstep, Borgore has made a name for himself via his prolific Twitter account, provocative videos and wild shows. With the motto that he ‘ruined dubstep’ Borgore made a stop last weekend at the Electric Daisy Carnival in New York in support of his fifth EP ‘FLEX’ out now on his own Buygore label.

Traveling with two strippers in tow, Borgore slathered the crowd inside the expansive confines of MetLife Stadium with his signature brand of dirty bass before joining the party backstage following his set. Armed with questions about his label, musical training and US tour, the conversation instead veered towards tattoos, porn and erotic dancers. Intrigued? You should be – this was an interview like no other. Do yourself a favor and listen to the below interview in its entirety, punctuated by vodka chugging and an acapella rendition of ‘Michelle,’ to learn about the man who calls himself Borgore.

Borgore Exclusive Interview

Borgore – Flex

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