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We recently got the chance to sit down with up and coming Albany producers ILLuminati and asked them some questions about their career. These guys have serious potential and you should get on their bandwagon ASAP.

1) Who are you and how do you explain yourself to dance music fans?

We are ILLuminati, a secret organization lurking in the shadows and pulling the strings in government and corporations to establish a New World Order and gain further political power and influence. DUH :) Thats is exactly what we are not. We do not have any ties with the illuminati, but we do share two traits. Enlightenment and Triangles. ILLuminati is a NY based EDM Duo who’s only goal is to enlighten the world through music. We make people #GetILL !!!

2) Do you think Albany has the potential to be a major player in dance music

Absolutely, We think Albany is great place for dance music with being right in the middle of NYC, Boston, Buffalo and Montreal. Tons of great artist play all those cities every week and Albany is a great place to stop in between major cities. Albany has some great venues where they can perform with a huge production at a arena or do a night club for a more personal experience with their fans. Also we think Albany has some great local dj’s and producers coming up that can help set the mood for these bigger artist.

3) When did you decide to form the duo Illuminati?

Actually it was just over this past summer, we’ve both have been actively djing in the Albany area for years now and it wasn’t untill we both had to perform at a small festival here in upstate Ny with Borgeous and Tommie Sunshine and we had back to back set times. Now with this being completely unplanned we just decided to combine both our sets together and go B2B for 2 hours. During that set neither one of us knew what the other was going to play next and we totally just vibed off each other and the crowd, after that with both of us having interest in making music and realizing we had the same taste in music and style we decided to sit down in the studio and just like that our first track ‘The Eye’ was born. Ever since then we’ve just been pumping out remixes, bootlegs and originals!

4) Are you a resident DJ anywhere, and wish to be a resident anywhere else?

Technically no, We try to travel around a lot and network with different people. But when we are performing in Albany I guess you could say Buddha Tea House is our home base. We usually perform there a couple times a month. As for the future we’re always open for knew opportunities! I think it’s every DJ’S/producer’s dream to have a residency in a major city with that night club that rocks out to 8am haha

5) Do you like the direction of the scene?

Always hated the phrase ‘The Scene’…..always felt like it gave it a bad vibe. But yeah we think EDM in general has come so far just in the past few years! I(Ric) have always been an EDM DJ since I started and I can remember 10 years ago spinning at clubs in Albany where I would go on at 3am to play house music and the bar closed at 4am haha, So yeah I would say it has come a long way! Another thing we see too is competition between DJ’S…..honestly we think it’s the dumbest thing. If you feel like someone is your competition then you’re not doing it right, Music is such a diverse language that can be expressed in so many different ways! Instead of trying to compete with someone and sounding just like them why don’t you just create your own sound and make yourself unique. To us that’s what music and the “scene” is about.

6) Raver girl, wife material?

Hahahaha oh man! Well Ric has always had a thing for GoGo dancers, while Brent is happily engaged.

7) Your collab with FIGHT CLVB got some good hype over Soundcloud, anything else big coming up?

Working with FIGHT CLVB on ‘Diesel’ was a lot of fun! SAV taught us a lot of stuff and in general it’s just fun working with good friends, they’re really great people and so happy they took the time out of their busy schedule to work with us! Yes, we have tons of stuff in the works right now! We have 2 new tracks coming out soon…1 we will be giving away for free so make sure you stay tuned to our FB fan page for that, we’re working with a clothing line right now on releasing a collab we did with them for some merch, a huge A&R company has contacted us about a track and also putting together a small summer tour! So in general we’re non-stop both in behind the scenes and in the public’s eye, we have no intentions of slowing down!

8) Who are some artists you would like to work with in the future?

There are wayyy took many to list, because we are influenced by so many genres. Our top 5 right now would be Blasterjaxx, W&W, Riggi & Piros, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano and Ape Drums.

UAlbany Alum living in Long Island. Full time salesman and full time music lover. Running a monthly party at Santos Party House #getblissed

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