Here is how I would describe Markus Schulz and his music in a few sentences: Creator of “unicorn-slaying trance”, fan favorite, promoter favorite, humble guy, label founder (Coldharbour Recordings), and an absolute savage behind the decks. For the 2011 #9 DJ in the recent (and largely disputed) DJ mag poll, Markus playing a mind-bending marathon club set is all in a days work. My friends and I all drove down from NYC to DC to hear him play Glow @ FUR, and it was a remarkable experience. From his signature ‘Big Room Reconstructions’ to some of the dirtiest trance/techno I have ever heard, the set was relentless and perfectly put together. Markus was kind enough to sit down with us before the show for an in depth interview, and we feel he truly gives us a feel for his body of work, his label, and his general feelings regarding the scene. Below is a list of the questions he answers (in order) and a SoundCloud of the entire interview. The voices on the tape are myself (Justin Brown) and Robert Palliser, who is perhaps the biggest advocate of Markus’ dark brand of progressive trance.

[audio:http://www.electronicaoasis.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Markus Schulz Glow FUR Interview.mp3|titiles=Markus Schulz Glow FUR Interview.mp3]

Check out all of our questions after the jump!

1- Are you excited for tonight? What can we expect from this set we are about to hear?

2- You seem like a really humble guy even though you are in the DJ Mag top 10. What is the one thing that keeps you down to earth?

3- What do you believe sets you apart from the other DJs? What is your ‘thing’  that makes you unique? Or, What is the factor that sets apart a good DJ from a great one?

4- The label, Coldharbour Recordings, originated in Brixton, UK. How did the making of Coldharbour come to be. What did you discover about yourself and the music during this period of the label coming to be?

5- Currently, Coldharbour is one of the leading trance labels, and is known for its selection of amazing upcoming talent. How do you go about finding these guys?

6- Who is your favorite producer at the moment currently signed to Coldharbour?

7- You have been shedding some light on the upcoming prospect Basil O’Glue in some of your recent GDJB’s. With his massive ‘Angular Momentum’ EP having been released recently, do you see him possible becoming one of the top shelf producers signed to the label?

8- It is pretty clear that you think KhoMha is one of the biggest success stories for 2011 as he always make your tracklistings. Anyone else you think that we should be paying attention to in 2012?

9- How do you find the drive to keep doing what you do? It seems so easy to burn out. Do you ever wish you could just leave the scene for a week?

10- How do your festival sets differ from your club sets?

11- For all the non-producers out there, what exactly are your “Big Room Reconstructions”. A lot of people see these but probably do not know what it means.

12- You have unbelievable progression in your sets. Is there any method on how you go about constructing them? Do you mix in key? Do you know before a gig what you will open with?

13- You are known for connecting with your fans more so than other DJs. You are very involved with Facebook and Twitter, especially during the GDJB sessions. How important is this for you?

14- Do you have any technique or strategy to keep up with the amount of music out there. We always wonder how you find all these tunes!

15- What was your biggest gig so far in 2011? Why?

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  • October 26, 2011


    Great interview! I’ll share it on Twitter for sure, this man is absolutely inspirational to other DJs/producers

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