What can I say about these beautiful Aussie babes that hasn’t been said already on this blog. They’ve written tracks for Kylie Minogue, David Guetta/Kelly Rowland, Miley Cyrus, and Kesha just to name a few. They were formerly successful models at a world renowned modeling agency. They recently played with Paul Oakenfold, Chuckie, and Armin Van Buuren…I mean the list goes on and on. The bottom line is that they are extremely talented DJ/Producers, and were nice enough to take some time and answer some questions for us. To call them hot commodities at the moment would be an outrageous understatement. Coming hot off their Armin Only New Years gig, and a killer set at Summafieldayze (in their hometown of Melbourne), these girls are showing no signs of stopping. Listen to two of their extremely well-produced/harder remixes below. Then read about their production collaborations, their relationship with David Guetta, and what it was like to hang out with Paul Oakenfold and Chuckie after the jump (read more!)

Alex Sayz – Hate To Love (NERVO Extended Remix)

Daniella – You and I (NERVO Remix)

EO: Sorry to be such a pain with this one, but its necessary for our readers! We know you now live in London and are based there… but what are your full names and where are you originally from?

Nervo: Our full names are Olivia Nervo and Miriam Nervo. We were both born in Melbourne, Australia to Australian / Italian parents.

EO: I figure I’ll get this one out of the way early…How big of an honor is it to play Armin Only on NYE and how nervous are you guys for that gig!? Don’t worry, you guys are gonna kill it!

Nervo: It’s a total honour to play for Armin !! We’re always a little nervous before gigs but super excited to play at such a massive event!! And in our home town Melbourne!!

EO: What has been your biggest accomplishment in terms of coproduction in pop music? I know you have worked with Kelly Rowland, Ke$ha, Kylie Minogue and Miley Cyrus.

Nervo: We’re proud of all of them. They’ve made us who we are and have brought us here today. We definitely got to spend a bit more time with Kelly and Ke$ha than the others so that was lovely to get to know them as friends. We would have to say ‘When Love Takes Over’ has been our greatest achievement so far as that was the song that went number 1 and got the grammy.

EO: Similarily, what has been your biggest coproduction accomplishment in terms of dance music? I know you have worked with David Guetta and AVB.

Nervo: We’re super proud of our collaborations with David and Armin! We’re also very proud of the club records that we released ourselves this year (‘This Kind Of Love’ and more recently ‘Irresistible’). It’s amazing to get remixes done of your song and hear how other producers interpret your record.

EO: What was it like to get signed by Virgin? Were your collaborations with Ollie James the catalyst for that big career move? Or was it something other than your original productions that got you on the label?

Nervo: Ollie is the singer we used for our first two club records but I would say that our move into DJing was a gradual progression.  We spent many years collaborating with great DJs, all of who were very encouraging to us DJing ourselves. David Guetta was definitely one of our shining lights !! Another was Tom Neville and then of course Ryan (from Kaskade) and Laidback Luke were super nice about it right from the beginning. The deeper we got involved with Djing the more people embraced it . We’re so thankful because we’re absolutely hooked now. I think Virgin Records have been happy with the whole package… We’ll of course continue the magic we have with Ollie. We love his vocal sound and want him all over our future club records.

EO: You guys have been models at a prestigious Melbourne modeling agency, you guys were classically trained musicians who were accepted into the Opera Academy of Australia, and you eventually became monster music producers? How have these lifestyle changes affected you guys? Are you still doing any work outside of music with regards to modeling or playing classical instruments?

Nervo: It’s like a big roller coaster and we’re loving the ride so far. We still play keys and the modeling comes in handy with our music when we need to do press shots etc.

EO: Any electronic dance music male fan might consider you two the most desirable women on planet Earth at the moment. Is it annoying fending off dudes at shows? Any advice to those guys you might consider talking to?

Nervo: Haha…we’re not fending of boys. Although there might be a song in that! Haha! We’re normal girls who happen to DJ and write music – That’s all.

EO: What is next for NERVO? I know when I tweeted you guys, you said you have some pop records and dance records coming out soon with your own vocals. When can we expect these bangers?

Nervo: Yes, we’re going to be releasing our music where we’re singing next year! Ah! It’s scary but exciting at the same time. We’re really proud of what we’ve been creating over the past 6 month and can’t wait to unleash it!

EO: What was it like working with Kylie Minogue? I know she has legitimate super star status on the other side of the pond…

Nervo: She is the most humble, approachable, talented and kind pop star ever! She really is perfect! And she comes from Oz – which makes her even better!! (And makes us all super proud!)

EO: When you are producing with these big names, how much creative control do you guys have? I know with a few of them, you built the melody and the vocals, but what else is exactly going on there?

Nervo: It changes each time. Often we’ll work on something by ourselves and then send what we’ve done to the DJ/Artist/. And if they have any comments then we’ll go back and forth until everyone is happy. Sometimes we are given a track so we do only the melody and lyrics but other times we start from scratch and do it all together.

EO: How big of an influence has David Guetta been on your DJing career? Any other influences with regards to DJing? Did any DJ set make you say “wow, I need to get good at this…”?

Nervo: David has been our shining light in the way that he really inspired and encouraged us to start DJing. He truly is such a sweet heart !! For example, just the other week he was in our studio in L.A. teaching us how to do some cool tricks on the new Pioneer DJM 2000 (mixer) that we bought. On top of this, he advised us which SD cards to buy when we were switching over to the CDJ2000s AND he takes us on the road with him to open for him at places like Pacha in Ibiza ! What more could we ask for ?!!! Then there’s Chuckie who blows our mind with his technique and craziness, he really knows how to get a crowd going. My dirty pleasure is Michael Woods for his deepness and then there’s Basement Jaxx who always keep you guessing – they have some crazy eclectic taste! I love it how they mix mozart dubstep with techno with funky house. All the DJs we see influence us but we have worked really hard at finding a set / sound that suits us and is unique to everyone else. We hope everyone likes what we play – cause we certainly do!

EO: What are each of your roles when your DJing? Will you take turns beat matching and selecting songs? Is one better with effects?

Nervo: We definitely take it in turns. On some days i’ll be feeling more sure of song selection and other days Liv will. So it really depends what mood where in. If Liv is in the zone then i’ll let her take it all for a few songs but then she lets me have a go too.  We like to work with three (sometimes four) CDJs, that way one of us can be teeing up an acapella or something cheeky over the top.

EO: What do you guys use to produce originals? Whats your favorite synth/plug in? What does your studio in London look like?

Nervo: We work on Protools for vocals and Logic for tracks. We just bought a Jupiter 6 which is pretty awesome. It’s in incredible condition too so we lucked out there. We were doing a session with Luke Steele (from Empire of the Sun) so bought it specifically for that session. We normally hire a studio in London or use friends’ studios. Our studio in LA is pretty incredible, we hire it whenever we’re there, it’s right on Sunset so is super close to everything you need. We’ve had David come and work there as well as Kaskade, Dada Life and a few other big DJs. We’ve recorded a few artists in there but have been working mainly on our own for the past 6 months so have been slogging it in the studio.

EO: Who was the biggest party animal on the FaceLift tour? Hanging with Oakenfold and Chuckie everyday must have been awesome. Did you guys get to chill with Sidney Samson as well? What was the best set of the tour? And did you guys end up all doing a record together? I think you guys were spending enough time together on the tour bus to eventually decide to put all your brilliant minds together!

Nervo: Chuckie goes harder but Paul goes longer! So they’re equally massive party animals! We met and chatted with Sidney back stage a few times but didn’t have too much time together as he joined the tour toward the end – unfortunately. Next time we’ll hopefully get more time to hang. The best night was definitely Tampa, there was sweat dripping off the walls! And it was Wednesday night!! But I think we played the best set in either Atlanta or Orlando… I remember getting a really great reaction from the clubbers those nights ! We did (do a record together). We started an idea so should finish it soon. It will be a Nervo, Chuckie & Paul record! Woohoo!  I think it’s gonna turn out great, stay tuned.

EO: What was the bathroom situation like on that bus? I know there was some sort of malfunction… :)

Nervo: Haha…there was a strict rule : no solids in the loo. Not even toilet paper. You’ll be happy to know that everyone did as they were told.

EO: Who are your favorites right now in the electronic dance music scene?

Nervo: Our favourites…It’s impossible to pick our favourite DJ, it’s like being in a candy store and being asked to pick one, you just can’t. They’re all special for their own reasons. We love the progressive tech Michael Woods, Funkagenda and Pete Tong but then we love the crazy energetic Chuckie. There’s always a need for the harder Steve Angello sets and then you can’t forget the Armand Van Helden funky junk. As we mentioned above you can’t deny the eclectic & crazy talented Bassment Jaxx. And then the monumental & deep Bookashade! And you can’t forget DJ Mehdi and the french Ed Banger crew. And last but not least – what about David Guetta for bringing Dance music to the masses?  He has opened the ears of so many people around the world!! It depends what mood we’re in I guess.

We want to thank Mim and Liv of Nervo for taking the time to answer these questions. For more info on Nervo, you can visit their music pages for the latest updates & show information:

Nervo’s Facebook Page

Nervo’s SoundCloud


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