Filo and Peri: Monsta EP

Signed to VANDIT Records, Filo and Peri are a powerhouse duo that has collaborated with well known producers such as Paul van Dyke, Cosmic Gate, and Marco V. F&P released a new EP by the name of Monsta which incorporates tribal dance beats and catchy syncopations. The drum beat keeps the energy bumping while the intense build ups and break downs keep the track rocking.

This fresh new track is sure to bring Filo and Peri into the spotlight this summer as NYC’s growing market for EDM booms. F&P has begun branching out into other genres besides trance and have been showing more and more diversity in their recent works. The native New Yorkers are planning a big comeback into the genre as they continue to produce high quality tracks.

Check out their new EP Monsta here via Youtube here!


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