FIXYN – The World Is Ours

Fixyn The World is Ours

On any given day, Electronica Oasis receives somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 to 100 submissions of artists looking to get the word out about their music. That’s why I am so excited about this group called FIXYN, comprised of Tal, Roy and Phil, each born as musicians who gained their love for the EDM scene when they moved to Los Angeles in 2008. To be entirely honest, this song stood out to the guys at EO as refreshing and melodic, a formula only true musicians seem to accomplish. My favorite part of the track “The World Is Ours” is the 2:24 mark when the lead synth comes in. That lead is quite possibly the same synth that Skirllex used for his lead in the hit “With Your Friends.” For any young aspiring producers out there, the synth used here was the Pro53. Hope you guys like this song and we’re looking forward to more out of these guys. Keep up the good work FIXYN!


  • January 13, 2011


    LOVE this song!!!

  • January 14, 2011



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