Flux Pavilion – Freeway EP (Preview)

While many EDM fans may not be familiar with Flux Pavilion, they most certainly should be. The 24 year old Englishman is the protege of fellow Brit, Doctor P. Flux Pavilion is undoubtedly best know for his track ‘I Can’t Stop‘. The song has been used all over, the video game SSX, The Great Gatsby, it was even sampled on Jay-Z and Kanye West’s song ‘Who Gon Stop Me‘. Flux is coming off his critically lauded EP ‘Blow the Roof‘. So it was to the surprise and delight of many that Flux announced his new EP ‘Freeway’. Unfortunately, the EP is not going to be released until this Monday (November 11th).

Fortunately, we’ll preview one of the tracks that have been released: Steve French. For anyone who doesn’t know, Steve French is the name of a cougar from the Canadian TV show ‘Trailer Park Boys’. To clarify, this is a cougar as in the feline. Oh, and it’s addicted to Marijuana… Anyway, the song itself is a collaboration between Flux and Steve Aoki and it’s as unique as it’s name. This is because the song is essentially Electro House. That’s right, Flux Pavilion made an Electro House song. That’s not to say the dubstep influence isn’t there, the bass practically makes your subwoofer want to beg for mercy after all. However, it is undoubtedly a huge departure from his normal style. That being said, Steve French is an incredible song that shows that shows Flux’s range and talent. We can’t wait to review the EP when it drops. ‘Freeway’ will be released November 11.

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