FREE DOWNLOAD: Michael Woods – Last Day On Earth (Hyperbits Remix)

Michael Woods - Last Day On Earth (Hyperbits Remix)

Recently, Hyperbits released their remix of Michael Woods’ new track “Last Day on Earth”, and now they are giving it away as a free download (Michael Woods himself liked it on Twitter)! This remix has a driving bass lines similar to Michael, but incorporates an eloquent vocal breakdown, some big Deadmau5-esque sounds and a lead synth inspired by the Bingo Players’ track ‘Mode’. Think trancey chords with relentless baselines and percussion; a recipe for a club crowd-pleaser. Make sure to like Hyperbits on FACEBOOK, follow on TWITTER, and listen on SOUNDCLOUD!

Michael Woods – Last Day On Earth feat. Duvall (Hyperbits Remix)


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