FREE DOWNLOAD: Muse – Starlight (Hyperbits Remix)

After a noteworthy top 50 release on Beatport’s progressive house chart worldwide, Hyperbits have upped their production standards to new heights. Undeniably their biggest offering to date, the duo remixes Muse’s classic track ‘Starlight’ and turns it into a floor-filling progressive masterpiece. Perfect utilization of Matthew Bellamy’s vocal plus a unique and full synth riff make the track something that will likely find its way into many DJ sets in peak hours. Taking on a Muse track is something few producers have dared to do, as their tracks and vocals are always well respected and consistently of the highest standards among all music lovers. Hyperbits manages to create something new and refreshing while maintaining the integrity of the original. The sounds incorporated in this remix are similar to what Zedd would sound like if he were to shy away from his aggressive electro roots in favor of a more full bodied progressive vibe. Make sure to show Hyperbits some love and like on facebook, follow on twitter, and listen on soundcloud!

Muse – Starlight (Hyperbits Remix)


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