Gary Beck – Tammo Chanter (The Remixes)

After the recent collaboration of the Lotus EP with Jay Lumen, United Kingdom’s own Gary Beck has been on a roll! Preserving his dark sound that has attracted many icons such as Richie Hawtin, who helped boost Beck’s career with the signing of “Consumed”, this track is no different. Prolonging his use of drums and thick bass lines that always tend to go hand and hand, this production is going to blossom as it has already been used by fellow techno peer Adam Beyer in his latest radio show Drum Code.

Along with the original, there are three other remixes by Mark Reeve, Kellerkind, Mendo & Yvan Genkins that bring their own dark flavor to please all masses.

Gary Beck – Tammo Chanter
[audio: Chanter (2012 Treatment).mp3|titles=Tammo Chanter (2012 Treatment).mp3]

Gary Beck – Tammo Chanter (Kellerkind Remix)
[audio: Chanter (Kellerkind Remix).mp3|titles=Tammo Chanter (Kellerkind Remix).mp3]

Gary Beck – Tammo Chanter (Mark Reeve Remix)
[audio: Chanter (Mark Reeve Remix).mp3|titles=Tammo Chanter (Mark Reeve Remix).mp3]

Gary Beck – Tammo Chanter (Mendo & Yvan Genkins Remix)
[audio: Chanter (Mendo & Yvan Genkins Remix).mp3|titles=Tammo Chanter (Mendo & Yvan Genkins Remix).mp3]

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