Get Heard with Indaba Music Contest Winner!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!

Before declaring our victor, everyone here at EO would like to thank the nearly 300 artists who submitted original tracks for this competition. Your original mixes amassed over 6,000 plays on Indaba’s contest page. We sorted through a ton of great music, and believe me when I say this was not an easy decision (some friendships almost hit a breaking point because of it!).

But without further ado, your Electronica Oasis Original Mix contest winner is…

Dan Gravelle – Far Away (feat. Vuk Lazar) (Original Mix)
[audio: Away (feat. Vuk Lazar) (Original Mix).mp3|titles=Far Away (feat. Vuk Lazar) (Original Mix).mp3]

Gravelle’s track is melodic with harmonies and chord progressions from someone who clearly knows music. Overall, the track was very well produced and mixed to create a sort of trance anthem. The vocals are exceptionally well done and set Dan’s track above the monotonous clutter of music that plagues social media graveyards (myspace anyone?).

The EO team described ‘Far Away’ as; fairly epic, big room trouse, and anthem-esque. It even drove our own J-Brown to say, “I don’t even ‘like’ trance that much. That track is just really well produced and sounds legit as hell.”

So congratulations to Dan Gravelle, and everyone stay on the look out for a featured spotlight and interview on our champion next week!

This certainly was a tough call, so after the jump, please check out our short list of honorable mentions.

Thanks again to Indaba Music and everyone who entered, keep up the good work!

Honorable Mention

Shuffle Fun – Nice Spotlight (Original Mix)
Vocks Magic – Open Ocean (Original Mix)
Daniel Safra – Safra You’re Too Naive For Me (Original Mix)
Blad Musik – I’m Just Playing (Original Mix)

And a special shout out to a track that wasn’t even in the EDM genre but we couldn’t get out of our heads… Sandon Weber – I-5

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