Above & Beyond Group Therapy Radio 001: Ten Essential New Previews

Last weekend finally saw the arrival of Above & Beyond in Bangalore, India, to not only celebrate the milestone of Trance Around The World 450, but also the introduction and first episode of the show’s new brand, Group Therapy Radio. With a variety of Anjunabeats mainstays on the bill, there was sure to be a huge range of sounds throughout the night. Jody Wisternoff kicked it off with deep, groovy house for the afternoon session, while Andrew Bayer followed with a surprising (and to some, offensive) dubstep drop to kick off his progressive set. Norin & Rad were next for some floor-filling power trance, but it may have been youngster Mat Zo that stole the show, bouncing between old trance classics and today’s big-room floor-fillers, with a wide array of mashups to boot.

Now although EO didn’t make the trek to the Jayamahal Palace for a live review of the show, we thought it would be appropriate to share ten essential and unreleased tracks, remixes, and mashups heard in the sets of all five performers.

10. Black Room Boy (Club Mix) – Above & Beyond
[audio:http://www.electronicaoasis.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Black Room Boy (Club Mix).mp3|titles=Black Room Boy (Club Mix).mp3] This track was a bit of an experimental outlier on the Group Therapy album and didn’t hit as expected in the Club Mix, although hearing Tony McGuinness’s voice on the main stage was pretty heartwarming.

9. Betamax (ID Remix) – Big Black Delta
[audio:http://www.electronicaoasis.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Betamax (ID Remix).mp3|titles=Betamax (ID Remix).mp3]
Heard early in the night in Jody Wisternoff’s set, this deep groove kept the mood calm in the late afternoon Indian sun.

8. Bring The Silence (Inpetto Remix) vs. Fn Pig vs. I Bring Da Torture (Mat Zo Mashup)
[audio:http://www.electronicaoasis.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Fn Pig vs. Bring The Silence vs. Bring Da Torture.mp3|titles=Fn Pig vs. Bring The Silence vs. Bring Da Torture.mp3]
Zo balances the trancey lead ups of Inpetto with the crispy marching electro of Deadmau5.

7. Sinai (Original Mix) – Bluestone
Played out by Above & Beyond, “Sinai” is set to be another chart smasher with the trance family following all the success of his last release, “Capetown”

6. Secret Bloom (Norin & Rad Mashup)
[audio:http://www.electronicaoasis.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Secret Bloom (Norin & Rad Mashup).mp3|titles=Secret Bloom (Norin & Rad Mashup).mp3]
Norin & Rad mash their enormous room-filler “Bloom” with the vocals of trance classic Secret by OceanLab to end their set.

5. ID – Andrew Bayer
[audio:http://www.electronicaoasis.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/ID 2.mp3|titles=ID 2.mp3]
This finale was nothing short of spectacular. The crowd’s reaction says it all, as Bayer brings listeners on an 8-minute plus journey of heavy progressive.

4. Rock The Funky Beats (Mat Zo Remix) – Natural Born Thrillers
[audio:http://www.electronicaoasis.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Rock The Funky Beats (Mat Zo Remix).mp3|titles=Rock The Funky Beats (Mat Zo Remix).mp3]
As a staple of Zo’s live sets, we finally get a decent rip of this track. Nice play by Zo with the vocoder effects.

3. Vision – Mike Koglin vs. Seven Skies
Played in the strongest section of Above & Beyond’s set, Koglin and Seven Skies intro with a bouncy baseline, evolving into a classic piano-trance feel-good tune.

2. Easy (Original Mix) – Porter Robinson & Mat Zo
[audio:http://www.electronicaoasis.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Easy (Original Mix).mp3|titles=Easy (Original Mix).mp3]
Originally debuted the day before on Pete Tong’s radio show, this collaboration from summer tour mates has the soulful jazz feel of a Mat Zo original with some beefed up drops from Porter.

1. ID – Above & Beyond
Now this is the one everyone is talking about. The calming breakdown of island-style guitar mixed with the stuttered anthem trance is a bold evolution for Above & Beyond, one which the trance family welcomes.

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