Hong Kong Tenancy Agreement Break Clause

2. If you have to break your contract before the break, inform your real estate agent immediately. Agents can usually find a new client and create a new location. In this situation, the owner usually keeps part of the deposit for the new commission. Paying half a month`s rent is much better than losing two monthly deposits. Communication is the key to creating a situation where everyone can be happy. There are some home repairs that are mandatory for an owner/owner in the event of a problem. If the owner refuses to make the necessary repairs on the property that hinder your living situation, you can ask for a rental break in all respects. If your toilet is flooded over and over again and it`s not your fault, but your landlord refuses to fix it, it can become a health risk.

Repairs like this are necessary for our day-to-day duties, and as a tenant, it is your landlord`s duty to respond to essential home repairs. Once again, make sure these conditions are detailed in the lease so that there is no litigation room in the event of a problem. Under the 2004 landlord and tenant regulation, you and your landlord can decide whether you wish to renew a lease agreement created on July 9, 2004 or after July 9, 2004, unless there is the possibility of renewing the clause of your existing lease or any other written agreement that respects your right to extend the lease. “In this case, the formal requirement of item 19.2 of the opinion to be expressed in a particular way was not met. In the notice in paragraph 24, paragraph 2, there was simply no indication of this. The starting point is that no term should be implied. It must be necessary to involve a clause in order to obtain the explicit consent of the parties (determined in the usual manner) ([26]). Some tenants are simply a huge neck pain that you can work with. It`s easy to misjudge a person if you`ve only met them a few times briefly, and what seemed like a perfect fit during the application process can be an unwelcome nightmare. Almost all the landowners have dealt with them, so you are not alone if these are the problems you are currently facing.

Sometimes a tenant seems to be perfect on paper, but once the keys are given to them and they are confiscated, there will be nothing but a flood of complaints and incessant problems. Maybe you need to be constantly involved in repairs, because they always destroy appliances in the property, they are always late with rent and other services, or they suffer from endless complaints about your new tenants by neighbors. Whatever the case, if they are a pain to work with and in the end you cause more pain than gain and run your resources dry, it`s time to say enough and let them undress. Break clauses are an option. The conditions for exercising an option must be fully met; there is no concept of essential respect. Since the communication was not expressed in the manner required, it did not meet any of the conditions of its current exercise. A fixed-term lease, established on or after July 9, 2004, expires at the end of its term. Landlords and tenants do not have to issue notices of termination. You or your landlord may also prematurely terminate the lease by amicable agreement or in the event of a breach of contract in the lease agreement.

1. Everything can be negotiated in leases as long as both parties agree before the contract is signed. Typical contracts in Hong Kong have a 24-month period with a 12-month break clause (plus two months` notice), which means that the minimum lease is 14 months.

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