Hot Mouth Feat. Chris James – Totally Worth It (The Bootlegs)

Alright, time for some hard shit.

Pardon the French, but electro has hit a lull of sorts–unless you enjoy electro step or synth that’s way too in-your-face.

Hot Mouth’s ‘Totally Worth It’ is contender for electro track of the year. Amazing vocals, great melody and an exploding drop that doesn’t need an obnoxious build up.

Hot Mouth Feat. Chris James – Totally Worth It (Radio Edit)

Of course great productions spawn great productions. In this case we have two stellar efforts. This first of which comes from Vitzi, the mashup prince we’ve featured before. In his display, he threads Albin Myers’ ‘Hells Bells’ into the tail end of the ‘Totally Worth It’ bar, essentially having the two songs battle. If that isn’t enough, at around 5:30, he re-arranges and re works the melody into…well, you’ll hear.

Hot Mouth & Chris James vs Albin Myers vs Adrian Lux Feat. The Good Natured


Yep, that Funkytown.’ That’s all that needs to be said about this production from Italian’s Freddo & Evangelisti.

Lipps Inc. – Funkytown (Freddo & Evangelisti Bootleg 70’s Worth)

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