Illustrated – Some Days

Illustrated - Some Day

‘Some Days’ by Illustrated is a beautiful and soulful track that’s perfect for reflection on those rainy summer days. We were lucky enough to interview Sean Layton, aka Illustrated last week to complement his smooth Weekend Escapes Guestmix. During this interview he described his musical style as ‘melodic, catchy, and honest’- ‘Some Days’ reflect these words exactly: the track is based on the truth that we all experience downs in our lives. The lyrics are catchy, and the melodic drops energize the listener to face each bad day head on and to keep on moving. Layton’s background in music shines through as a keyboard melody is interlaced with the drops, filling them with emotion. We all got chills listening to this track during his guestmix (which was previously an “ID” track), and couldn’t be happier that ‘Some Days’ has now been released!

Download: Here

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