Indaba Music Spotlight: Double Dust

A few weeks back, we held our most recent Indaba Get Heard original mix competition, and after sifting through hundreds of entries, we had chosen Double Dust, with their track ‘Land of the Sun,’ as the winner of the contest.

Double Dust, which is comprised of twin brothers Johsian & Johvan Vazquez have been producing dance music since 2004, producing melodic and intense mixes to innovate the House and Trance movement, with a Fusion of different ethnic sounds such as Latin, European and Middle Eastern.

Double Dust – Land Of The Sun
[audio: of the Sun.mp3|titles=Land of the Sun.mp3]

Double Dust submitted ‘Land of the Sun’, and we were captivated by the sun drenched hooks and sparklingly clear melodies, and this is one hell of a house track! Purchase ‘Land of the Sun’ on Beatport here. We are vouching for these dudes, and hope to see a productive and fruitful career from these guys. Check out our overseas interviews with the Puerto Ricans after the jump!

Electronic Oasis: How old are you guys?

Double Dust: We are 26 years old.

EO: Being that you’re twins, how would your skills compare to each other? Do one of you have a stronger point than the other? What is the process of making music together like?

DD: Being twins has helped us a lot, because we are two brains with different influences working for the same purpose. We both challenged each other and put all the effort to demand the best. We work as a complement, having aspirations in different genres; Johsian is more of a house music lover and I (Johvan) lean more towards trance. This is really what makes the concept of Double Dust work, as we try to use good house music rhythms and trance melodies.

EO: Do you guys DJ or just produce music?

DD: We are producers foremost and we spend hours each day focusing on new music and styles. We are more producers than DJ’s, but being a DJ is essential for this kind of music and it has given us the opportunity to play at parties and events in Puerto Rico.

EO: Where do you hope to be on 1 year from now? 5 years?

DD: Playing our music around the world.

EO: What equipment do you use to make music?

DD: We use a Macbook Pro to start our ideas and we have a Apple G5 at our home to finish the tracks. Recently we bought a Novation Twitch Controller for Djing, and it also works for us as an Audio Interface for our speaker system. Our most important tool for making music is the headphones, and this should be essential for every Dj/Producer. We have worked with various softwares such as Ableton Live, Studio One, Logic Pro, FL Studio & Protools, but we worked most of the tracks in Logic Pro, which is the most complete for us in the style of music we’re working. It is recommended to learn the basics of all programs. It helps you a lot to work with any producer around the world.

EO: What musicians do you hope to work with in the future?

DD: Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, Dash Berlin and other icons, we would definitely be proud to be part of their Team. We have also followed the career of young talents like Nicky Romero, Mord Fustang, Porter Robinson, Zedd and Heatbeat and would like to work with them because they have been an inspiration for us with their talent.

EO: You’re from Puerto Rico. How is the club life there? Is DJ culture mainstream there yet?

DD: The club life in Puerto Rico has been growing slowly, but unfortunately we dont have many big clubs here to expose DJ’s weekly. I think there is a need to redefine what it means to be a DJ. This is not a new problem. There has definitely been an increase in interest of the DJ culture, and it has been developing and expanding, but so far the local DJs are not well paid or not even paid at all. Puerto Rico has the potential to create events of the magnitude required to have great DJ culture because there is a lot of new talent in this small island that will give everyone plenty to talk about.
The work we do is aimed to position the talent of Puerto Rico to the top of the world.

A special thanks to all of the entrants to the Indaba music contest, and to Double Dust for taking the time to answer our questions. Check out their soundcloud, Beatport, and keep an ear out for these guys in the future.

Here’s the promo for their newest track, ‘Pursuit’, which will be released June 23rd and make sure to check out their tracks on Beatport (click here):

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