Indaba Music Spotlight: E.SoX

Recently EO and Indaba Music teamed up and held an Original Mix competition. With reviewing over 200 submissions and alot of deliberation we chose E.SoX with his original track ‘Soulful Sessions’. For winning the competition he was interviewed. So without further adieu here is E.SoX (after the jump!)

E.SoX – Soulful Sessions

Electronica Oasis: Congratulations on winning the Original Mix Contest, For our readers I have to ask you this, What is your full name and where are you from?

E.SoX: My full name is Michael Lapschies. I was born in 1967 in Oldenburg, Germany.

EO: It says on your Indaba profile that in the 80’s and 90’s you worked in clubs throughout Germany, What clubs did you play in? What was that experience like?

E.SoX: I started DJ’ing in a dance hall that I visited every weekend, just to go to dance, have fun and to meet with my friends. One day the owner was looking for a new and young DJ, particularly for planned events on Sunday afternoons. I went to him and said “I’m the guy you’re looking for”. I gave him a 10 minute demonstration behind the turntables and I was in. Then, at one of these events I was DJ’ing at the owner of another club was there and heard me and offered me a job on a Friday night. The whole thing evolved from there… next offer, next location, next event and so on. At all these different events and locations where I was playing, the music and experiences were also different. From pure electronic sounds (yea, fresh stuff back in those days), over dance, funk, soul, pop to rock music. Sometimes I mixed the whole night, sometimes I moderated a special event or show, sometimes I just made it a party with music of different styles. When I was young I also had learned to play the drums, percussion, e-bass and a little bit of keyboard. So I was able to connect the music that was played from turntables with some additional ‘live’ stuff.

EO: I noticed throughout other tracks you have produced on your profile that you target different sounds in different EDM genres. How would you classify your sound? What areas are you trying to target?

E.SoX: Yes, that’s right. As you see my music is very different and I really don’t like to produce the same thing every day. But I think you can perceive in most tracks a little touch of ‘older’ sounds. That’s really one of my targets, I’ll try to connect sounds from the past to the music of today. One day it sounds minimalistic, the other day it could be a remix with a hard bassline. Some of my tracks are very experimental. Not really straight into one genre, so I just call it “electronic music” … I think other people can classify my music better than me.

EO: Who are some of your favorite producers? If you had the opportunity to collaborate with any producer who would it be?

E.SoX: With my view on Electronic Music I really love the sounds from Moby, Sven Väth, Opiuo and Deadmau5. It would be fantastic to collaborate with any of them. But my absolute favorite is Kraftwerk, in my opinion they’ve laid the foundation down for all the electronic music we’re listening to these days.

EO: What production softwares do you use? What is your process when creating a new track?

E.SoX: I’m using Reaper, Ableton Live Lite 8, Linux Multimedia Studio, Audacity and lots of freeware softsynths and effects. Surprised? You must know, 2 years ago I started a project. The target was to make music without spending a lot of money. Music production is not my daily job, I’m an IT Consultant. For me, music making is not the big business, it’s more like a place of refuge. I don’t really have a fixed workflow for producing a new original song or a remix. It depends on my ideas, feelings, experiences or the stems i had to use. Sometimes I start with listening to loops or samples, sometimes I start with creating a melody, bassline or a rhythm. Maybe that’s the reason why many of my tracks sound different.

EO: What can we expect from you in 2012? Any big projects?

E.SoX: I don’t know if they’re really ‘big’, but this year I’m working on different projects. At the moment I’m collaborating with some younger musicans. Our target is to release a compilation licensed under creative commons. I’m also moderating a German internet radio show. That’s really big fun for me, I love to use all the technologies that weren’t available when I was younger. Last but not least, I’m working on my first release.

EO: Congratulations one more time to E.SoX on a masterful production. Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

E.SoX: First I want to say thank you to Electronica Oasis! For me it’s really amazing that my song has been chosen from all the great submissions. Best wishes to all the readers and good luck for the projects you’re working on. Don’t forget the most important thing: always have fun with what you’re doing!

Below you will find some of E.SoX’s tracks, be sure to check out his Facebook profile HERE

E.SoX – Back Again

E.SoX – Funky Bass

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