Indaba Music Spotlight – Five Lives

Electronica Oasis: What first got you in to producing music? How long have you been producing?
Five Lives: It was about 6 years ago, I bought my first DAW with the intention of recording guitar and recording backing tracks. I later discovered that I could do a lot more than that and eventually put down the guitar and picked up the synth. In 2010 I started focusing solely on producing electronic music.

EO: What equipment do you use when producing?
FL: I currently use Ableton live 9. I use little hardware apart from my Allen and Heath Xone 4D. Soft synths I prefer include Sylenth1, Massive and FM8.

EO: What are your top three songs you’ve made and why?
FL: The top 3 songs I have ever produced are probably Torn Apart, Relapse and a new one which is almost finished called Give Me Your Love. Relapse I would say has the most emotion I have ever put into a track and Torn apart and Give Me Your Love are my latest tracks; I have honed my skills with these songs.

EO: What’s your favorite thing about dance music?
A: For me the escape of electronic music is probably the thing I love most about it, or any music for that part. I use music to express emotion, it makes me feel alive.

EO: Do you play any instruments? How long have you played them?
FL: Guitar, Ive played for about 20 years now.

EO: What artists influence your style the most and why?
A: Artists that influence my style would have to include Deadmau5, Seven Lions, Xilent and Madeon.

EO: If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be and why?
FL: Probably Xilent or Seven Lions purely to learn some secrets.

EO: Aside from synthesizer/drums/piano, do you have another instrument you prefer to use in your songs?
FL: I use guitar for composition. I have produced some tracks featuring guitar. Would love to incorporate the guitar some more in some heavy electro house/dub thing

EO: Where do you see yourself in terms of your music a year from now?
FL: Hopefully better at it, maybe with a release….

EO: What was the last song played on your iPod?
FL: An old school one… Ratty – Sunrise

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