Indaba Music Spotlight: Rosetta

Indaba Music Spotlight: Rosetta

Each month we select a winner from our partnership with Indaba Music. This month’s winner is Rosetta who won our contest with their track ‘Undying Love’. This track was astounding and we could totally see ourselves sitting on the beach listening to this one.

Rosetta – Undying Love
[audio: Love.mp3|titles=Rosetta – Undying Love]

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Electronica Oasis: What first got you in to producing music? How long have you been producing?

Rosetta: What first got me into recording music was necessity.

I’ve felt compelled to write songs and tell stories my entire life . In many ways, I think, producing music was a result of that.

Growing up I couldn’t read or write tablature. So, recording songs to my tape deck was a way for me to remember them all. I knew that once I had all of the details recorded, I could write more material and not have to worry about losing songs in the process.

I’ve been writing songs and producing them for about 14 years now and I have no plans on slowing down anytime soon!

Electronica Oasis: What equipment do you use when producing?

Rosetta: When I first started producing I had a primary colored Fischer Price tape deck complete with yellow plastic microphone!

Since then, I’ve picked up a few tools that I understand and rely upon to get the job done. Mainly the Maschine MK2, two KRK 6′ inch studio monitors and my laptop.

Aside from that, a Notation Launchpad, as well as, an Oxygen 49′ midi keyboard. Though, to tell you the truth, I hardly use them often enough.

Electronica Oasis: What are your top three songs you’ve made and why?

Rosetta: I really enjoyed making the latest dubstep mix “Destroy”.

The atmosphere of the track is really sci-fi, spacey and industrial. But, it also carries a bit of weight in the lyric and drop sections.

“Destroy” tells the story of a lone avenger seeking revenge for the destruction of his home world… . I’m a bit of a sci-fi geek.

[audio: – Destroy (Original Mix).mp3|titles=Rosetta – Destroy]

Next, I’d say “These Three Words”

It’s just been a lot of fun to make and work with.

A challenging, but really enjoyable process. I’m Vlogging the creation of that track over the next few weeks at the YouTube channel.

Dina and I both agree, “Undying Love (Feat. Dina Shapiro)”

Collaborating with Dina on this mix was a pleasure. We grew up together and to be able to share this single is just fantastic.

Making Undying Love was just a very fluid process from start to finish. The instrumental came together within the first few days. Once Dina got her hands on it we were able to write the vocals and have it finished up within the week!

[audio: Love.mp3|titles=Rosetta – Undying Love]

We’re honored to be chosen as your grand-prize winners. Really, there were so many very talented producers in the competition and we’re very grateful to be given the opportunity to be here.

I don’t know how you guys can decide!

I just want to take a moment to express our appreciation for everyone on the Electronica Oasis team. To let you guys know that we have a tremendous amount of respect for what you’ve created in conjunction with Indaba Music.

Electronica Oasis: What’s your favorite thing about dance music?

Rosetta: You know, Dance music is really an amazing thing!

Live sets have become more than just spinning records that harmonically-mix keys. Now-a-days, a producer can really guide you through their world.. or.. “a world” and give you the VIP tour. With electronic music production, you can feel what the producer feels, experience what he or she experiences. I’d say my favorite thing is the experience.

I love the possibilities.

I look forward to designing a live set and contributing my own little world to the galaxy.

Electronica Oasis: Do you play any instruments? How long have you played them?

Rosetta: I do. I play acoustic guitar, harmonicas, alto sax and keys. Also the computer, does that count?

I started out on the Sax in elementary school. After that, the 6-string and harmonicas.

Once I started learning about midi and the “piano roll” it became clear that.. If I wanted to communicate musically.. I’d need to learn about music theory, piano, harmonic mixing and music production.

So, went ahead and googled that.

I’ve been playing for almost as long as I’ve been recording. So, I’d say about 14 years give or take.

Electronica Oasis: What artists influence your style the most and why?

Rosetta: I loved Sublime growing up. Ben Folds Five, The Ataris.. Really too many to name.

These guys taught me about intonation and rhythm.. and that Elliott Smith, so raw. I love the way he tells a story. Listening to the way that he constructed his phrases has influenced me a lot! I wish I could have seen him perform.

Also, I’d say Chris Carrabba. His knack for cadence and intonation are impeccable in his arrangements.

I’ve learned an incredible amount from them and others and I’m very grateful.

Dina, grew up on 90’s and 2000’s hip-hop, rap, pop and R&B. Her influences include artists like Nivea, Ashanti, J.Lo, Christina Emilian, TLC, Bobby Valentino and Jagged.

She’s all about the groove and feel of the mix.

Which is great because I can be very technical at times. We work well together, when we collaborate we really balance each-other out in that way.

Electronica Oasis: If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be and why?

Rosetta: Really, any artist who’s further along than myself would be a pleasure to work with and learn from. And anyone who isn’t as far along, It would be a pleasure to teach.

I’m at a stage in my development where… Well, there are certain things I can’t learn online. I would need a mentor.. and.. that’s what I’m searching for now.

Electronica Oasis: Aside from synthesizer/drums/piano, do you have another instrument you prefer to use in your songs?

Rosetta: I’d like to incorporate more acoustic guitar into the material. Possibly for the intro and breakdown sections.

There’s a raw texture to the 6-string that I just love and it’s something that you don’t hear too often in today’s dance music.

Electronica Oasis: Where do you see yourself in terms of your music a year from now?

Rosetta: A year from now.. I’d love to be a signed producer and musician; To be working diligently with a dedicated group of individuals.

It’s my dream to have a live set crafted and be able to share that with the world on stage. I’m always studying, practicing and preparing.

I’m determined to grow and evolve as an artist.

When that time comes, I’ll be ready.

Electronica Oasis: Last song played on your iPod?

Rosetta: “The Luckiest” Ben Folds Five (Rockin’ The Suburbs)

Don’t forget to also check out the runners-up of this Indaba Music contest. We have two amazing tracks: ‘Tenor’ by Filipp L, and ‘Noizemakerz’ by Dustake.

Filipp L – Tenor
[audio:|titles=Filipp L – Tenor]

Ang3r Management & Dustake – Noizemakerz
[audio:|titles= Ang3r Management & Dustake – Noizemakerz]

We’d like to thank everyone that participated in the contest and look forward to hearing the entries next month. To enter next month’s contest click here.

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