Indaba Music Spotlight: Skomaeniac

A few weeks back, we held our most recent Indaba Get Heard original mix competition (click here to enter our current competition), and after sifting through hundreds (actually thousands!) of entries, we had chosen Skomaeniac, with his track ‘Virign,’ as the winner of the contest.

Javier ‘Skomaeniac’ Hernández a native of Carolina, Puerto Rico, (previous winner Double Dust also reside there, more on that later) started mastering his musical abilities at age 14 because according to him, listening to music was not enough. Momo’s Tapas Bar, Club Hype and Red Shield are just a few of the local spots that witnessed his thrilling and highly dynamic performances. After four years of producing, he landed his first full signed double disc album. In March 2012 he won the ‘MEF Rising Star Contest’, which landed him his first major gig as the opening act for Above & Beyond at Mega Electronic Fest.

Check out the winning track below and after the jump check out our full interview with Javier.

Skomaeniac – Virgin

Electronic Oasis: What was the last track you played on your ipod?

Skomaeniac: Addicted (feat. Greg Laswell) by Morgan Page.
The track just reminds me how much i love my girlfriend, that I just can’t stop listening to it..

Electronic Oasis: How did you come up with your DJ/producing name from?

Skomaeniac: Since I was a kid, the Animaniacs were one of my favorite shows in Warner Bros. but it occurred to me to watch tv in the morning and i switched to Discovery Channel & their were some Eskimos on the tv and.. suddenly i started bubbling myself about that name & thinking about the animaniacs when I came to realize, i had the name ‘Skomaniac’ in my head. obviously, it’s written ‘Skomaeniac’ just because I wanted it to look interesting.

Electronic Oasis: Our last Indaba winners Double Dust were from Puerto Rico, is there an explosion of great producers in PR that we don’t know about yet?

Skomaeniac: Double Dust & I started moving around the EDM Scene around the same time, and quite frankly.. I never thought i would cross the same road as them. being the only 3 guys to Produce Progressive House & Trance in our Island is quiet hard for us since the main crowd here in Puerto Rico only listens to Commercial genres. but we won’t lose faith, we know how to make the crowd dance & have a good time too. that’s not really a problem.

Electronic Oasis: What is the club scene like?

Skomaeniac: The scene in our country is extremely divided. if you do not like the commercial stuff, you have problem. if you dont like undergroud music, you should not support anything or visit any place. places where local or international DJ’s can come peform live are pretty nice but some people on our island sometimes like to question everyone !of what is good and what not. other than that, the people that if you love music and enjoy it because you are atodos where events and spend a great time.

Electronic Oasis: Do you guys DJ or just produce music?

Skomaeniac: Well personally, I think that only the 40% of Puerto Rican DJ’s Produce. I myself know which produce and which do not. I prefer that everyone would know how to produce so there could be an equality since when most of the Big events happen in the Island, most of the local talents are simply ‘DJ’s not Producers with DJ abilities.

Electronic Oasis: Who was the first artist that led you into producing and what is it that draws you to trance and progressive?

Skomaeniac: The first artists that led me into producing what it is now Trance, are Above & Beyond. their magical abilities to make every tune wonderful, simply caught my attention and I just couldn’t stop hearing every tune of A&B so i kept hearing & studying other artists developed trance style. suddenly after knowing that there were more than a couple trance dj & producers, I took the time to apply myself to one genre that would certainly suit me and I decided that i would go with Trance & Progressive. I just don’t know why the uplifting piano sounds, the cords of the tunes and the basslines that I hear, make me so addicted to this specific genre. I Guess, is because i’m a very emotional person.

Electronic Oasis: What artist do you find influence your productions?

Skomaeniac: I feel very influence by Mat Zo, Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, Orjan Nielsen, Alexander Popov, Lange, Arnej & Simon Patterson.

Electronic Oasis: What would you like to tell our EO readers?

Skomaeniac: It took me more than 4 years to get where I am standing right now. The road to take it ain’t easy but, it’s not impossible. if you love music, if you love sharing & showing what you love, then never stop doing it. don’t ever give up & at the end, you will be satisfied. I’m at a neutral position right now, not even in the big leagues but i’ll do my best, to someday reach the top dogs, like Mat Zo, Arty, Shogun & ofcourse, Mr. Van Buuren!

Electronic Oasis: What is in the pipeline / What can we look out for?

Skomaeniac: Right now i’m currently working on my remix for the track ‘Tell Me If It’s Real’ By Jeanpier Beauchamp which he is also a DJ / Producer of Puerto Rico. also, working on some Tech House / Progressive House / Trance tracks for my plans in 2013 were i’m planning on releasing a few EP’s & then before the year ends, The Big Album!

Electronic Oasis: How has Indaba changed the way you produce music?

Skomaeniac: It has changed a few things actually. like for example, here in my country most of my fans never knew that I submit my track ‘Virgin’ to the contest & that I actually won it. it took them all by surprise, even to my parents who actually support everything i do Musically. All I have to say is that indaba’s page is amazing, is a great way to expose yourself & to let others from around the world know who you are, as an artist, as a singer, as a producer, or even as a remixer. it doesn’t matter what you do, if it fits around music, it’s all good!

Thanks Javier!

A special thanks to all of the entrants to the Indaba music contest, and to Skomaeniac for taking the time to answer our questions. Check out his Facebook, Beatport pages, and keep an ear out for him in the future.

Co-Founder of Electronica Oasis. Currently living in New York City. You can follow me on: Twitter: @Mike_Ambrosio | Instagram: Mike_Ambrosio


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  • October 16, 2012


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    stop stealing people’s tracks to be famous… you suck!

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    why did you guys delete the comment with the links proving skomaeniac steals tracks from other people?

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    We don’t delete any comments. The comment was never posted as the site auto filtered it into SPAM

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    This pig brings great shame to us over here in PR. He doesn’t represent us. He’s just a lame ass wannabe…. On top of that he tried to take off credit from real DJs and actual producers who are going through a great deal to get attention from labels. He pushed himself to the top of thedjlist charts and who knows what else… He should definitely get a new life ’cause he already fucked up for this one…

  • October 16, 2012

    Get it right

    ” Momo’s Tapas Bar, Club Hype and Red Shield are just a few of the local spots that witnessed his thrilling and highly dynamic performances”

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    the REAL truth

    we don’t want him in puerto rico… he should be extradited

  • October 17, 2012

    Indaba has no credibility.

    There’s a huge explosion of producers in Puerto Rico. If your contest actually measured talent and skill more people would actually get to hear some of them instead of lame-ass losers who have the time to spam the page all day over Facebook.

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    justin prasad

    This same clown stole MY REMIX in the clinax remix contest also hosted on indaba.

    He got my stolen remix into 2nd place in the contest (which had over 1400 contestants)

    After i got him disqualified, the votes never transferred over to me. I had a great chance in being in the top 10 of the contest and winning honorable mentions, but lost all the votes i could have had to a clown who stole my track.

    His lame excuse was that he “found the instrumental and then did the acapella [himself]”
    Even tho i never even released an instrumental to my track. Heck i dont even have an instrumental to my own remix!

    And the vocal slicing/mods were EXACTLY the same.

    This guy skomaeniac is a theif.

  • October 19, 2012

    justin prasad

    I am in the current EO contest. Im in 8th place right now. I hope this time someone doesnt steal my track this time

    Oh and i do have proof of my conversatioms with indaba staff and skomaeniac. I can take screen shots if need be

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