Indaba Music Spotlight: Starcom

Each month we select a winner from our partnership with Indaba Music. This months winner is Starcom who won with their track ‘Miss You’. Starcom is an electronic dance duo birthed from two different worlds of music originating from UK and Canada. With high influences from 70’s and 80’s disco to modern electronic dance music Starcom have slowly over the years constructed a solid production sound for the future of their music and inspire to be the next generation of Daft Punk with a mix of crushing, rhythmic basslines and feel-good chord melodies. They are set to release an upcoming EP and check out a preview of one of the tracks ‘Back into the Sky’ below.

Starcom – Miss You
[audio: You Origin.mp3|titles=Starcom – Miss You]

Starcom – Back in the Sky (Preview)
[audio: Into The Sky.mp3|titles=Starcom Back Into The Sky]

Check out our interview after the jump.

Electronica Oasis: How did you guys get into producing music? How did you meet?

Starcom: We both met through work, we started discussing music and both had a love for the electronic dance scene and the influence of the 80’s. So after a few months of working and educating each other from our own production knowledge we decided to both sit down and start making some tracks.
At first we didn’t have much of a solid sound of course but over the next year we found ourselves spending an unhealthy amount of time making music. We became absolutely dedicated to getting our sound as unique as possible. We found ourselves continuously learning new techniques and increasing our production standards. We stayed up hours a night till the early morning, time just flew by but it was great!

EO: How is club life EDM Scene different from your respective living places?

Starcom: Well here in the west side of Canada there are a few good clubs in Vancouver but that’s about a 40 minute drive from us, we live in a pretty quiet town, unfortunately. But that doesn’t bother us for now as we’re just concentrating on producing music so we can hope to be an influence to others in the future to come.

EO: How would you describe your sound?

Starcom: Well we’re basically a production duo with high influences from 70’s and 80’s disco to the modern day electronic dance music with a mix of crushing, rhythmic basslines and feel-good chord melodies. We spread widely across the BPM range with influences from different musical backgrounds.

EO: How do you think sites like Indaba have changed the way music is
being produced?

Starcom: It’s a great site to enter competitions and explore new talent! Definitely a lot of active users on that site making us more motivated for a good challenge! These days anyone with a computer can make music now so there is a great amount of hidden talent now popping up in the fast growing dance world, it’s crazy!

EO: How did ‘Miss You’ Come about?

Starcom: Well to be honest it was a track we worked on the first year we started producing and it just sat in our Dropbox for quite some time, we gained a much better production level later down the line so we dug the project file back up, applied new knowledge and began the next couple of months working on the track and the other two from the ‘Human Debate Robot’ EP.

EO: Whats upcoming for Starcom? (Gigs, Music, etc)

Starcom: We’re just finalizing our second EP titled ‘Elements’ which will be a free release to our fans as a thank you for the support! We’re very excited to show you guys! We’re also working on a few remixes and single releases so stay tuned and don’t forget to follow us on facebook for the latest of everything!

Co-Founder of Electronica Oasis. Currently living in New York City. You can follow me on: Twitter: @Mike_Ambrosio | Instagram: Mike_Ambrosio

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