Input @ Output 11.7 – Skream, MK, Oneman, Curses, Route 94

Date: Thursday, November 7th
Time: 10:00 pm
Location: 74 Wythe Ave.

Eagerly awaiting the sounds of Route 94, I found myself being the first on line at Output. It’s a bonafide rarity when you rush to a venue and get there as soon as the door opens in anticipation for an opening act. Well, it was worth the wait. As mentioned in the preview, this was a night filled with grooving bass lines and accompanying vocals. It all started out with easily one of the best opening set’s I’ve heard.

Entering what was a desolate nightclub, although only for a brief amount of time, Route 94 started the night off with one of his own tracks ‘My Love’. Only to be followed by one of the hottest tracks in the deep house scene right now, ‘My Sister’ by Weiss. ‘Reckless With Your Love’ by Azari & III was dropped shortly after. A personal favorite was hearing ‘Groove On’ by Three Bar on Output’s impeccable sound system. To close his set, Route 94 put on one of his own tunes ‘Freak’ for Curses to take over. The New York native got up on the tables and played that New Gotham House. Shortly thereafter Oneman did his thing warming the crowd up for Marc Kinchen, better known as MK.

By this point in the night, the club was smoking. You felt like you were swimming through the fog of house hell. The once empty night club was now a sauna but it just added to the experience. Everyone was dancing up a storm, sweat flying all over and not a care in the world. Output is a house lovers playground. Anyway, MK dropped a great version of ‘White Noise’ by Disclosure into his hottest remix ‘Look Right Through’ which really got the crowd going. Marc also played an extended version of ‘Electricity’ by Hot Natured, a tune that he helped produce with Lee Foss which features Anabel Englund on vocals.

After a few more tracks Skream took over the tables. He ended up dropping another Hot Natured track, ‘Reverse Skydiving’. His set got deep and trancey at points and then the music would stop completely. Only to return with some hard glitchy, bass bombs. A fan favorite was when he played the infamous summer anthem ‘Finder’ by Ninetoes. Skream had quite the varied set and the party people loved every second of it.

Its truly hard to not enjoy a show at Output. Its small enough to know where everyone you’re with is but very easy to get lost in the music.

Lover of all things with soul that make you wanna move and groove. Bring on the funk!

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