Ireland Portugal Double Tax Agreement

CONSIDERING that the government, when it declared on a mandate that double taxation exemption agreements on income tax were concluded with the government of a territory located outside the state, is adopted by sections 826, paragraphs 1 and 828, of the Tax Consolidation Act 1997 (No. 39 of 1997); Corporate tax on taxable income and profits, as well as taxes of a similar nature imposed by state or jurisdiction law, and that it is appropriate that these provisions have the force of law, subject to section 826 of the Act, the rules have the force of law, regardless of their entry into force: in international practice, there are three fundamental methods to eliminate double taxation: “Normally, a double taxation agreement on a superannuation to be paid to a non-resident person, as a rule, allows the taxation of the pension benefit in the country of residence in retirement,” said Munro O`Dwyer , a pwC partner. “This will not be the case for FRAs after clarification.” (a) that the provisions of the protocol, the wording of which is defined in the list of these regulations, were made with the Government of the Portuguese Republic with respect to the exemption from double taxation under income tax; Corporate tax or capital gains tax and similar taxes imposed by state laws or by the laws of the Portuguese Republic and BulgariaAccords and international conventions concluded by a circular of 13 March 2009 (no 20137), the department of international relations of the Directorate General of Taxes has again published the official list of all international agreements on double taxation concluded by Portugal. The reason for this publication is that economic operators need up-to-date information on existing agreements and legal instruments that preceded their publication, the date on which they came into force and easy access to tax rates for situations where withholding tax is partially lifted. Currently, the application of double taxation and ways to avoid legal and economic harm are governed by the standards of the tax code. Two legislative provisions to avoid double taxation can thus be envisaged: first, national legislation and, second, international treaties ratified by Portugal. It is advisable to speak with our lawyers in Portugal and ask for legal aid if you set up a business in Portugal or to better understand the tax structure of that country. As of 22 December, following the turnover communication, the pensioner will have to ensure that income and/or profits are properly taxed in accordance with the double taxation agreement between Ireland and its country of residence. For more information on how to avoid double taxation, you can contact our law firm in Portugal.

Over the years, Portugal has signed fifty-two double taxation agreements aimed at avoiding double taxation of income tax, as a result of the OECD model convention, with some reservations mainly aimed at ensuring a broader approach to stable establishment and raising the level of taxation in the country of origin with regard to dividends, interest and royalties. As a general rule, the method used in past contracts is the regular tax credit, although it is indicated that some contracts provide a credit or tax credit.

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