Ivan Gough , Walden, & Jebu – Home (feat. Penelope Austin)

All of the Aussies have teamed up to deliver the smash track ‘Home’. Ivan Gough, Walden & Jebu have teamed up and added the vocals of Penelope Austin to release a Progressive gem in ‘Home’. With catchy vocals and a sweet breakdown, this is sure to climb up the charts on Beatport. Ivan Gough has come off two Beatport top 10 tracks with ‘Not Taking This No More’ and ‘Kukata’ and there is no doubt this will be the third of this year for the Australian legend. If you don’t know about Walden and Jebu already than you haven’t been introduced to some of the finest producers from down under. Walden has always been an EO favorite and we’re more than excited for him to be on this track and grab some serious attention. Take a listen to ‘Home’ and enjoy.

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