Joe Garston – The Promise

Beautiful electro.

You don’t hear that term too often. Not lately, at least, with the switch to dub-house and electro step. Joe Garston cancels all that out and gives us a lovely electro melody to begin our new year.

Simply, an emotional and inspiring track from the UK producer. It’s hard to determine who would play this live, as it is quite different from the current songs of the moment, but DJ’s of any genre would be foolish not to support this.

Garston is one of three prodigies at the Plasmapool label along with Miles Dyson and Mord Fustang.

Yesterday, ‘The Promise’ moved into the Beatport top 10, and is, currently, No. 5 on their electro house chart.

Joe Garston – The Promise

Download: Beatport

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