John Dahlback – Kairo

Well I just had dinner at a new Buffalo Wild Wings location, and it absolutely sucked. Service sucked, food sucked, ambiance sucked. You wanna know what doesn’t suck!? This song by the 25 year old Swedish phenom, Mr. Dahlback. We posted the preview awhile back, and now we have the original full mix. The main synth melodies are catchy and playful, yet the bridge is dark and ominous, and it seems to work quite well. Don’t forget that this is the same animal that has brought you monster tracks like ‘Pyramid‘ and ‘Sfinx‘. This track is so good that I forgot all about how atrocious the dinner was that I just consumed.

[audio: (Original Mix).mp3|titles=Kairo (Original Mix).mp3]

Download: Beatport

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  • November 17, 2010


    would i have been at that buff wild wings with you??

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