John Driscoll – Got Yourself? (EO Exclusive FREE Download)

This is the newest release from New York-based DJ/producer John Driscoll, who happens to be a good friend of mine! John’s new original track, available for free download exclusively through us entitled “Got Yourself?”, combines John’s affinity for classic hip hop with his signature “Big Room Tech” feel. Big Room Tech probably isn’t a real genre, but rather a fictional one coined by myself, JD, and Julio. Pretty hilarious. “Got Yourself?”, shows John’s creative ability of sampling a recognizable acapella to create his own original production. John subtly pulls kicks, horn, piano riffs, and vocals from Nas’ “Got Yourself a Gun” off the 2001 album Stillmatic, to create a massive tech house hit. Check out and download John Driscoll’s “Got Yourself?” right here, and come see John, myself, Julio Rivera, and Robert Palliser play some tasteful dance music noise this Saturday at Studio XXI in NYC!

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