Junior Sanchez- The Future (Official Video)

Junior Sanchez takes a satirical approach with the video for his smooth, progressive hit ‘The Future.’ In a fast paced sequence of images, ‘The Future’ communicates social and political ramifications of the past, present and future to remind us that we possess the ability to impact change and influence what has yet to come. The music video drastically heightens and expands on the artistic weight of ‘The Future,’ communicating the song’s inherent insight more effectively than the track alone. Released under his and Steve Angello‘s new label Brobot, Junior Sanchez successfully produced a feel-good track that can easily be perceived as a quality song, while also implementing music for a change and assertively using his celebrity position to communicate certain values and understandings through the music video.

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  • October 18, 2013

    Joanna O'Connor

    this is SICK! Love it.

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