Kanye – The Chainsmokers ft Siren

Kanye - The Chainsmokers album artwork

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Released TODAY the follow up track to ‘The Chainsmokers‘ global hit ‘#SELFIE‘ is here. ‘Kanye’ features the high pitch vocals of Siren. This triumphant track is sure to be a club and commercial hit. On a production note, it’s interesting to see the New York duo have gone slightly different to their norm and softened the bass – required when the catchy vocal has such prominence. The song isn’t actually about Kanye – it’s about what he represents – strength, courage, confidence, excellence. It’s incredibly uplifting and a great feel good piece of electro house.

In other news the pair will be joining the ranks of Tiesto and Hardwell with their own radio show on SiriusXM

To listen to the full track via soundcloud LISTEN HERE

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