Kaskade – Angel On My Shoulder (Henrix Remix)

An oldie but a goodie gets a fresh coat of pain courtesy of Brazilian producer Henrix. ‘Angel On My Shoulder’ is straight up old school Kaskade and you likely won’t be hearing the same sounds coming from the American producer at this point.

You may want to get acquainted with Henrix, because chances are not only is he a talented creator of music but also a funny guy, judging from his Soundcloud bio:

“Hailing from the mean streets of Tijuana, ‘Henrix’ matured very quickly as a young boy in the cut-throat business of selling chiclets to ‘el gringos’. Life did not get any easier as he matured into an adolescent young man but the hardships of life not only made henrix a fighter with his mind but also with his body.”

Now this isn’t true but…wouldn’t it be great if Henrix got his start as a Chiclets peddler? Better than Oliver Twist in our opinion…

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