Kaskade – Atmosphere (Bender’s Late Night Ambient Remix) & (Bender Acoustic Cover)

There are many ways for a fan to say ‘Thank you’ to their musical idols. Some make banners to wave high from the crowd, others make kandi… and others make music, which is exactly what Keith Bender did. With this dual-pack premiere of his take on Kaskade’s ‘Atmosphere,’ Bender would like to tell Kaskade THANK YOU for always supporting the scene and for being a constant inspiration as he pursues his musical dream.

The first edit of ‘Atmosphere’ Bender released was his Late Night Ambient Remix, which resonates with Kaskade’s ‘anti-drop’ movement he has been on the wagon with ever since his ‘It’s You, It’s Me’ Redux tour. The remix’s subtle layers and calming ambiance play up the track’s beautiful eccentricities. By naming the track ‘Bender’s Late Night Ambient Remix,’ Bender also artistically emphasized the semantics of the title by alluding to Kaskade’s former ties with Late Night Alumni, as well as relating the remixed track’s genre to the original version’s title (Atmosphere, ambient… clever!).

Since a remixed version of ‘Atmosphere’ was not a sufficient enough ‘thank you’ in Bender’s eyes, Keith also put forth an acoustic cover of the track. With the acoustic cover, Bender was able to truly channel his roots and communicate his gratitude through transcribed chords.

Enjoy this two-pack premiere (and free download) from one of New York City’s most promising up-and-coming stars!

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