Kaskade @ Pacha NYC 10.5

As soon as Kaskade announced his four city Atmosphere tour back in May, it came as a shock that Manhattan was not included as a destination. Instead, a rising contender in musical events took its place, as Kaskade will be at The Barclays Center this Saturday in Brooklyn. Arenas are quickly becoming the place to newly experience electronic music events. However, not everyone is satisfied with these new venues snatching up first-tier DJs and preventing them from playing in clubs – where most DJ origin stories take place.

‘Everything this summer and fall will be about Atmosphere’ – Kaskade

I’m sure a lot of Atmosphere listeners will be thrilled to hear that. However I am not an Atmosphere listener, I’m a Kaskade listener and experienced electronic music listener. Therefore this puts me in a predicament, are you finding yourself in this situation as well?

No need to fret! Kaskade will be performing at Barclays Center this Saturday, October 5th and the afterparty will be hosted at Pacha NYC in Manhattan afterwards. At Pacha, Kaskade will have the freedom to express and share his musical talent with all who attend.

It will be at Pacha NYC where Kaskade will let loose and where an amazing personalized experience will take place. He’ll have no restrictions placed on his set and only pure energy will drive his music selection.

Make sure to purchase your Pacha tickets for this Saturday ahead of time (Buy Here) and witness first hand what most will be missing out on.

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