Knife Party – Haunted House EP

Knife Party - Haunted House EP
Knife Party, the producer duo of Rob Swire, and Gareth McGrillen, both of whom were former Pendulum members, have released their newest EP and first release of 2013, ‘Haunted House’. Showing off the talent the world is already aware of, this EP is full of tracks of the highest production quality. Following the huge success of ‘Rage Valley’ and its tracks that have become amazing hits such as ‘Centipede’ and ‘Bonfire’, this EP had to be big to live up to its expectations. Needless to say, Knife Party delivered.

‘Haunted House’ starts off with ‘Power Glove’. Taking no time for the EP to get to the action, this song opens up with massive hits, and heavy kicks. This track showcases Knife Party’s signature synths well while still bringing in plenty of new elements to keep fans entertained.

The second track on the EP is LRAD. LRAD, which stands for Long Range Acoustic Device is weapon that uses sound as a form of crowd-control. Able to emit a tone of 146 dB, it is able to permanently damage human hearing. Enough of that though, we should get onto this amazing track. LRAD starts off with an eerie feel, leading into an amazing and addictive chord progression. Featuring a perfect blend of synths, this may be one of the best tracks on the EP. Containing a drop that we haven’t really come to expect from Knife Party, they add their own elements to it and it actually sounds very good. This just comes to show you how versatile these artists are.

Third on the EP we have ‘EDM Death Machine’. Combining elements of many EDM genres, making this track unique, and then using vocals that talk about in the future when EDM is dead and nobody remembers it, this could be one of the most unique tracks you’ll hear all year. What do you think of a future where there will be no Internet Friends, Antidote, and nobody’s dropping the bass or doing the Harlem Shake?

Lastly we have ‘Internet Friends VIP’. Obviously, being a VIP, this track sounds a bit like the original. However, this version brings us some new vocals, and a really nice new break and buildup. This version is also much heavier at the end of the track than the original. Overall, fans of the original should easily be able to tell the differences between the two versions!

‘Haunted House’ is also the first major music release that will be available for purchase with the internet currency BitCoins. Although it appears it currently is not available for purchase with BitCoins, it eventually will be on their website. This could inspire more artists to release their albums on this upcoming internet currency, so hopefully it is successful!

Love Knife Party? Check for them at Electric Zoo NY, on August 30th. For more coverage on the event be sure to check back here, because we’ll be providing it!

Knife Party – Haunted House EP
[audio: Power Glove 1.mp3,, Death Machine.mp3, Friends VIP.mp3|titles=Power Glove, LRAD, EDM Death Machine, Internet Friends VIP]

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