Komet – Love Scene

Komet - Love Scene

For those with a taste for the harder styles of dance music, look no further than the latest release on the Hard Dance Nation label- ‘Love Scene’ by Komet. ‘Love Scene’ is a heavily concentrated track that will leave you on the edge of your seat (or the tips of your toes)! Comprised of many different compositions, ‘Love Scene’ is the opposite of mundane. ‘Love Scene’ starts off with, what sounds like, a revved up drum and bass kick complimented by equally as revved up vocals. The track builds up to a strong fast line with triumphant synths. After revisiting the amped up drum and bass rift, the hard bass prevails before halting to make way for a beat breakdown that introduces the track’s synths once again. Komet’s ‘Love Scene’ is a great addition to Hard Dance Nations Silver Records vault!

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